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  1. sounds like an opening for some really bad happy hardcore.
  2. Sweet jesus! Tommy Tallarico, you say? ...I must do something!
  3. beats the hell out of MY To far away times mix... Though...I think it may inspire me to reworm my old Brink of Time remix that got rejected...and thereby hurt my little soul, and forced me to quit remixing...and then I started again, and blah blah yeah...the mix is good, but those chords I mentioned earlier...
  4. yarr...definitely some weird notes in the rythm guitar...*shrugs* maybe it was out of tune.
  5. *whistles innocently* ...say what about my icecave mix? ...who is singing? that'd be starky. Wagh...I didn't ever hear this version. For info to the curious...the singing would be a lot better if I'd actually had this music to sing along with...and not used my shittier mic to record it....If you listen, you can hear some really high pitched feedback in the background...and it's not cool. Meh, I might do a similar mix of this at some later date on my own...try to get my 80's synthpop vision to come to fruition. Though, hearing this version that I never did get to hear...I'm liking it much better than doliwop do wop...not that I liked it much anyway. pants.
  6. if you remember, rellik and I were supposed to switch for star herald and swift hunter....I can't remember if Rellik is aware of that or not.
  7. Kye-U wrote: well, this may not be the original zelda, but maybe it'll tide you over...and hell, if you've got any remixing skills at all, try your hand at remixing something. watah!
  9. Er...well... I'm pretty sure that if swift hunter means what I think it's not going to be do-able with that song. though I haven't the foggiest idea how I'm going to do this, I imagine it'll be like...downtempo...something something. yarr.
  10. well crap. I guess I'll do...33/34, was it? yeah. ...I'll probably do 56 anyway.
  11. Well, unless this guy of yours falls through, I guess I could try 33/34. I could probably do 57 too, but it sounds like it's about to turn into something cool and then's a beat. yarr. that is all.
  12. Even though it's probably the credits theme, I think I'd like to tackle track 56. I've started a mini-wip. I don't really see any point in uploading it yet, though...really...short. er...I'm Aetherius, Shariq.
  13. Well...for a second remix, it's pretty well the best I could do. And, it being two years later...I wouldn't even make anything similar to this remix....indeed, I haven't remixed since my Brink of time remix got rejected...*sighs* good times. Anyways, a favourite song? Are you out of your bloody mind? I'm quite surprised by the number of people who actually gave this good reviews...and were able to type....
  14. I'll be sure to keep misreading you, mustard. Besides, where would you be without guys like me telling you to stop hanging out with people who have arguments for fun? The point was that you weren't supposed to make comments like that in the first place unless it's obviously an hyperbole. People take offense (I didn't....and It seems that the few weirdos who actually read this forum didn't either) but yeesh...common sense. You don't go talking about the algae green infected vaginal rash of your spouse at a formal gathering when she's beside you, do you? Women may do it all the time, but unless you're a woman, keep your phrases that could be misunderstood as something offensive, though they may not be, to yourself. I'll cry next time...I swear....look I'm already tearing wait...I just have to pee. Oh well....yeah....that's the end of this pointless post. It's strange how my arguments always end with me mentioning a bodily function I need to put into action. *edit* sorry pizza, but I'm not one for reading entire threads...I mean...In a reviews forum....are you nuts? Meh, if you don't like it, have it removed, bud.
  15. Usually I think mustin's a pretty cool guy. That statement alone shows how I feel about what he said recently. Well...If you know me well it does... ANYways, I'd probably be inclined to agree with him and say that all the songs on the page in recent memory have been...not what I'd want to listen to. In fact, I'd probably be most inclined to say that I didn't like Dale's new mix, despite the fact that I haven't heard it (Nor any song on this site since February of last year, save those by personal friends...and a lot of them sucked too). HOWEVER, he DID say that it was one of the best remixes on the site, to which I reply, "do you need a bashin' on the noggin?" There's virtue in subtlety. You can go about making a point, and saying how much you like something, but there probably are a lot of talentless people out there crying into pillows because of you, Mustard. now, If I weren't completely indifferent to the feelings of others, I'd say you were a nasty fellow who needed a pickle shoved somewhere unpleasant. But then who am I to judge? My songs obviously haven't got much attention in recent memory...(and probably won't in future)... Hmm...this post was supposed to be fueled by rage and indignance....but I don't actually have any personal attachment. I guess for once I feel like standing up for some poor folk who've only got a hacked version of Fruityloops and some default samples. I was one of those people a long time ago....And I STILL only have that same hacked copy of Fruityloops, with those same default samples (though I've got a bit more skill and some soundfonts....) The point is that posting crap on OverClocked Remix will undoubtedly help give the makers of said crap a boost in confidence that will either lead to the production of more of said crap, or lead to the progression and inevitable increase in skill, development of style, etc. that beginning music artists need. So hush, you silly man. You've been hanging out with overly hostile people too long, selling out too much (oh no, I said it), and forgetting about the whole meaning of this music crap in general. Music is about appreciation. If you don't "appreciate" it, well you can just sit at home, make several thousand mixes like "La samba de Agua" and know you're getting nothing less than the best, while talentless folk frustratedly try to figure out how to produce some noise that someone somewhere might just have an affinity for.
  16. the comment was made jokingly, my friend. All's well that ends...acceptably
  17. You hurt me hurt me real bad....using my own mp3 script against dare far as the song goes....I believe I said...The song sucks It was made around the same time as the DKC2 remix that recently got rejected. By the time they got around to it I could do so much better that I couldn't stand the thought of trying to resubmit it. but'll be another 5 months before they get around to it again. I might as well do what I can with's amazing how far i go on a tangent.
  18. As the person who perpetrated it the atrocity, I can't recommend that you listen to this either....I myself find it incredibly annoying...but some people like that crap....feel free to be less lenient in the future
  19. I thought mine was the first TFAT remix (fear the abbreviation of doom) Oh well...And yeah...the skips are just your computer.