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  1. I must say, as an avid fan of Star's works ((I first heard of him when I listened to his Pilar of Salt, Xenogears remix)) I have yet to be dissapointed thus far by anything he has created. By the way, I have two friends who loved your Rainy Day Remix of Toto's Africa, Star. :3 I honestly completely zoned out listening to this song, it took me about four or five seconds to realize the song was over and I needed to hit 'play' again. It was definately a song worthy of Star, and I plan on listening to it many more times. Thank you so much for you hard work keeping us otaku's entertained Star. *bows*
  2. As a big fan of the Crono Cross and Crono Trigger soundtracks, (Quite possibly IMO one of the BEST soundtracks for a PS series), this gave me the tingly spine goosebumps listening to it. I think you did an excelent job of conveying the origional emotion of the song into the remix, and gave it a sad, yet energetic life of it's own.
  3. I still am trying to figure out how I never ran across star's mixes until I listened to Pillar Of Salt for Xeno. All I can say is I'm about halfway through Star's playlist and I'm constantly being wowed by the attention to detail, and the overal creamy smoothness of the music. Star, you definately have my vote for one of my top favorite remixers to listen to.
  4. Wow. That's the only thing that comes to mind when hearing the guitar layering, and sound. I'd cut off my left hand to make a guitar sound that good. Although, the rest of the composition could have sounded a little more 'real'. It would really have added that extra factor if the opening would have sounded a bit more orchestral than synthetic. Overall though, I just can't get enough of that kick-ass guitar. Definately gonna listen to this over and over. Rating: 8/10 ~JT
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