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  1. When I think of Earthworm Jim, a song like this is the last thing that would ever come to mind. But it's pretty damn sweet, just like EJ. Saying I'm not fond of rap is putting it lightly, and I didn't care for the rap in this song too much, either, but it wasn't half bad. Actually, minus the rapping part, there wasn't anything about this song that I didn't like; it was even a really good length. I really loved the lyrics Dan had; he does have a pretty good voice. Nice work with the guitars and lyrics. Those were easily the best parts in this song. Good job you three; get together again and remix some more awesomeness for us.
  2. I hate rap. I need to start off saying that to show just how much I like this song. The intro (the first 9 seconds) struck me first off, and that's one of the best intros to any song I've ever heard. It's really cool. I usually hate rap 'cause I can't tell for the life of me what the hell they're saying, but in this the lyrics are pretty clear. Also, MC Mouse's voice is pretty cool. Anyhow, great job on this song. I really enjoyed it.
  3. Ah, when I saw this piece on this site, I immideately recognized the artist and the song title, and remembered how great of a piece this was. I found this piece initally on a different site (http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=819). I read the review of this version on OCRemix, and I noticed that trickwaters was in on it, and that it was a bit larger than the other one I had. Same exact piece, only on this one there are many more dynamic and tempo changes, along with the reverb. Very cool. It does sound like it's played in a church. The OCRmix version sounds more real. Anyway, very good job on both versions, Kevin Stephens, and way to go, trickwaters, with the reverb and other editing. You two should get together again and remix more Fire Emblem stuff.
  4. The initial idea of Terra's theme fast sounded cool to me. With the first listen, it reminded me of "Wild Wild West" by Dale North; a cool FF6 theme re-done at a much faster pace. Only thing is, just the Veldt theme faster sounds amazing, whereas Terra's theme...doesn't. While I find it very hard to envision Terra breakdancing to this or whatever, the sooner you ignore the fact that it's Terra's theme and just listen to the song, it's cool. Took awhile to make up my mind about it, but I kept it. Way to take things in a completely different direction, Prievert! Good job overall.
  5. I heard the first few notes of this, and I'm like, "DUDE! YES! This song was so amazing!" But then that insane screaming came in and nearly made me piss myself. This song is insane, but just a little bit too much so for me. Minus the screaming and that "broken car engine" guitar, this remix owns.
  6. I've been listening to/downloading all the FF6 remixes. They have all been reminding me of FF6's greatness, but none so much as this. Just hearing this, I can think of Rachel and Locke, and that series of events between them. That's powerful, and this remix was able to bring back all those emotions as well. A great mix, and I'd have to say it's better than "Forever Rachel." Not that that's a bad remix, this one just captures the essense of Rachel and Locke much better. Great job, Maestrodeclure; I'm much impressed. This being your first submission, I can't wait to hear more from you.
  7. Before listening to and downloading this remix, I had played the "Relics of the Chozo" a few times that day. Upon hearing this, I wondered if indeed this was a Metroid track. The subdued, otherwordly effect it creates is very similar to what the Metroid tracks can do. Very nicely done; I never thought I'd find myself comparing FF and Metroid. Great remix, too!
  8. Wow. That was really cool. Great transitions, and some really good songs from SMW to be remixed. I loved the way you added in random SFX from the game; that always makes my day. "Great stuff, worth every nanosecond of the download." Very, very true. Good job, man!
  9. Ho...ly...crap! This is freagin' awesome! My first time on OCR, I came to M, saw Mega Man X, and thought, "Hey, these people have good taste!" I then scanned the titles, and Brainsick Metal, being the coolest one there, caught my eye. I checked it out, and it was love at first...hearing? This song is great, and some of the better songs from a great game. Ah, I can listen to this song anytime...its just that fricken cool. Woo! Great!
  10. As soon as I heard the first measure or two from this song, I turned from my computer, took out Killer Instinct (one of my all-time favorites), popped Super Mario RPG into my SNES, and had a major rush of nostalgia. I've probably gone through Mario RPG at least 15 times, but I had to do it again after hearing this Remix. It's great, thanks! A touch repetitive, but still great.
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