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  1. nice mix! short and sweet, and very much like the original. the guitar performance, like liontamer mentioned, is what really makes it nice.
  2. i've had this lying around on my harddrive for a long while, and i finally got around to playing it this morning..wow, it's too great! will definitely also go in my "favorite songs of all time" folder
  3. DAMN this shit is hot! it's like a beefed up version of the remix "sprinting riffs"! nice nice nice!
  4. NICE! VERRRY NICE! i love this track and i first heard it in a video made by the stunt people called stuntblade alpha (neo-modus.com/stuntpeople) i was suprised to hear it was ninja gaiden remix posted here(don't know ninja gaiden 2 too well so i didn't recognize it). major thumbs up wicked track
  5. man oh man oh man! wicked stuff, star! shoot, i found this out too late. it's what you get when you neglect this super ultra wicked place. later!
  6. Niiice remix to one very memorable theme. Everything fits and doesn't seem repetitive at all. Keep up the great work, razya!
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