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  1. All the time blows flygon out of the water for a dragon/ground type, plus its faster then hell.
  2. are the new DDr's for the 360 any good? And do they have the god awful unlocking system that supernova had? I hated that cause I like the game but i cant play past medium so i was never able to unlock everything....
  3. I nearly crapped when I saw lucario. He's now Mewtwo but I'll take em. can't help it I'm a pokenerd....
  4. C'mon the shock was good for ya, woke ya up.
  5. kind of disappointing for a MegaTen game though, don't get me wrong I love but its just to easy sometimes after persona 1 and 2 i was hoping this would give me a challenge for once....
  6. Almost all way through but got RPGed out so I've been playing some shooters.
  7. Hehe I nearly broke me neck doing that too but I've gotten better
  8. Anything Godzilla except that US piece of crap
  9. Whats up with all the poo tho? Do the designers have some sort of fecal fetish? jeez makes me want a flushable moist wipe as a weapon.
  10. Wow, didnt expect it would turn into a big thing like THIS. so what everyone is saying is that alot has changed in my 2 year absence?
  11. I used to frequent the forums here alot about 2 or so years ago and I spent most of my time in Unmod, what ever happened to it? I did an quick look and didnt see it. Did I just miss it or what? Oh well its groovy being back.
  12. Bonetail bloody stupid Bonetail in paper mario raaaagh I can take down any of the FF secret bosses like theyre not there but this stupid thing is beyond me....grumble....
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