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  1. Oh my goodness. I am absolutely in love with the 6/4. The syncopation is awesome, especially with the chorus. It really helps to give it a urethral feeling. 10/10 just for the 6/4 time. Beautiful.
  2. It's some nice work. I normally dont like this style of music too much, but this is very well done. Good job. It really reminds me of the original, but at the same time it's nicely different.
  3. Beautiful, emotional mix. I absolutely love it. Everything fits together so perfectly to make an amazing arrangement. This is definitely one of my new favorites. By the way Txai, I happen to be Mormon, and nothing about those voices make me think about my religion. Sorry about that.
  4. MWAH HA HA HA I love the laugh. It was the one thing that made me want to kill Kefka the most when I played the game. I almost colapsed from laughter when I heard it. Awesome song. I totally recommend it.
  5. Beautiful. That's the only thing that can describe this. I especially loved the part from 4:15 to about 4:40. It;s absolutly amazing.
  6. Is it just me, or does this sound a lot like Kefka's theme from Final Fantasy 6?
  7. Amazing. But then, that describes everything that Ailsean does. He is one of the best ReMixers on the site. I can't wait for more.
  8. Amazing. The guitar really shows how good this is. It's hard to put something discordant like that in and have it sound that good. Hats off to you. The flute is absolutly beautiful, and as a flutist I can see firsthand how good it is. Absolutely epic. One of my favorite mixes (if not my favorite) on the site.
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