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  1. Funny. I don't understand why people are complaining about the first minute. That's really the part I like best =P Maybe the strings at 0:20 should be a bit more staccato. Right now they sound a bit blurry. Unless it's your intent to make it sound like that of course. The bass melody at 0:29 could be a bit louder I think. It should draw the attention away from the strings. At 1:43 the bassoon comes in. It already sounds nice, but I think it could be awesome if you toy around a bit there with trills and staccatos. Overall I think you could try using more of the woodwind choir. It feels like the strings are very dominating in here. I think you're doing a good job. Keep it up!
  2. I'm using GPO and I'm pretty satisfied with it. That is of course because EWQL is not an option for me.
  3. Finished now. High Summoner Yuna Now I have to wait 2 weeks before posting. X_X
  4. Cakewalk Sonar 5 Garritan Personal Orchestra And a bit of Edirol Orchestral for the little bit of percussion at 1:46 and 1:53 That's bad settings and why it's *almost* finished Thanks for the feedback =)
  5. Normally this isn't my style, but it made me lol irl! If you like a laugh, listen this one "Stupid Game" xD
  6. I don't really mind if there's something 'ripped' from another composer. Just call it a quote, it happens all the time. Robson's arrangements are really great. The samples aren't that bad either. I'd only wish he'd cut back on the reverb. Especially those fast parts sound really blurred. But that's just my opinion
  7. Lack of dynamic contrast is maybe do to the fact that the original hasn't got lot of dynamic contrast neither. I tried to stay close to the original, but with a touch of my own fantasy. And about the Piano sample... It is in fact my very own piano you hear playing. Okay, it's a digital Roland, but the key's are sampled note by note. On top of that, I've played on a lot of different Grands, and this one sounds most like a Steinway, which is naturally, because the the samples are of a Steinway's. And @ the fortissimo guy: I'm sorry, but my piano wouldn't go any louder without clipping the audio, and if I recorded too soft, there was a lot of noise when I raised the amplitude.
  8. The piano maybe doesn't sound that good, but the arrangement more than makes up for this!
  9. first time listening: I didn't like the intro, it takes some time before something really starts to happen. somewhere around 3'00 it gets really nice though.. makes you feel like floating trough the galaxy second time listening: Yups, intro is definitely too long for my taste, but this time I listened more closely to the construction of this song. Although the same chords keep repeating on and on, they won't get boring. Those simple chords makes me feel like floating and I like the way they come back in a different variety each time Overall: Maybe the intro is too long, but listen it, and you'll get something nice in return
  10. WARNING! INFORMATION OVERLOAD!! Yep, I'm new here. Hi. I actually had a previous account called just "Uboichi"... but something went completely wrong with that.. So thats why there's a 2
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