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  1. Don't know the original source, but this mix is awesome xD
  2. Disco I like it. Well, not technically disco, but that same beat as in old disco.
  3. I don't listen too much trance, but wouldn't mind hearing this at parties. Yay to trance for dancing. Though I think you should shorten it a bit and/or put in some more chord variations before the Judges say YES to this. But overall quality is really good. But if you're planning to let this used by DJ's at parties, then I don't think you'll have to put in any changes ^^.
  4. Sorry, but you stick to the originals way too much. Might as well listen to the FFVII OST. From what I hear I think you're very inexperienced at audio editing. The sounds are just general midi and there's no post-editing done on the wave. No reverb, no effort to reduce/remove the amount of clipping and low sound quality. Also, the original versions actually use a lot more different sounds. The only thing I can say is: Keep practicing. It took me 3 years to figure out all the functions on Cakewalk I needed. It took me 2 years more to learn to use them properly. And learning how to (re-)orchestrate is something which takes an entire life-time (as in, you always keep learning new things). I think all Remixers have had a period where they were creating basic tunes like you just did. It's something you'll grow out of with practice. Lots of it.
  5. Still don't think it's finished, but here's an update again. The Ghosts of Nintendo are haunting Karazhan Now back to studying again for those exam resits =s
  6. Good luck if you're gonna submit it! =)
  7. For some reason this reminds me of ALttP. Weird =P Anyway. I suggest adding altos and/or 2nd violins at 1:11 that play more fast rythmic notes than melodic ones. At that point the arrangement gets more power, but it's not enough yet. The drums are nice, but the contrast with the rest of the arrangement is too less. If you don't understand what I mean listen to this one: Psychrophyte - Super Mario World Ghosts of the Marble Hall OC ReMix Just listen at 1:25 and 1:50. You don't have to let your strings do exactly the same, it's just the idea of getting the feeling something is really happening. String parts like that actually give a lot more the feeling that a piece is coming to life than drums do. At 1:30 in your piece you start the melody with a rythmic accompaniment. The accompaniment can use a lot more rythmic variation. It would sound really cool if you synchronize the snare and the rest of the orchestra. Just leave the melody as it is, sounds really nice. You also don't have to do anything with the harmony, just the rythm. Good luck with this mate =)
  8. Great job on the ending now mate. =) It now blends a lot smoother with the rest of the arrangement. Really like it now.
  9. If I was a judge then this would be a borderline NO. Beef up sound quality a bit and make the ending less abrupt. You got a really nice climax there, but instead of letting the listener enjoy it till the end you cut it short. Give it a proper ending instead of the pizzicatos imo. And even without better samples you can always try to humanize it a bit more.
  10. You can actually do a big load with it. You could even do it with just 1gb RAM, but with 1gb you'll be spending time freezing and unfreezing tracks more than editing them. But if you don't have enough RAM, just freeze some tracks. Takes a lot of time, but eventually gets the job done.
  11. Great arrangement, but sound quality is kinda low. If you don't have any better soundfonts you might wanna consider collabarating with another remixer. I think it's passable with the current quality if you make it sound a bit more human. But it could become such a great remix with proper sounds.
  12. We actually have someone on the choir who speaks finnish, so I trust her to learn us to pronounce finnish properly (IF we do that song)
  13. Been a while since my first post on this, but here's a little update The Ghosts of Nintendo are haunting Karazhan I made a few little changes in the arrangement and tried to get the more important melodies more on top this time, but also tried to let secondary melodies be more audible. Haven't had much time to edit this piece because of a very busy schedule. Got exams coming up in a week and our choir conductor asked me to make arrangements for choir of Suteki Da Ne and Hijo de la luna. He wants a concert with songs in as many different languages possible, so we doing stuff in russian, latin, english, japanese, spanish and maybe also in finnish. So got my time filled up with learning all the different pronunciations as well xD.
  14. It's too simple. Even in old school trance/dance music there's more going on in the background than just the same beat repeat the whole time and Strings doing the same chords over and over. As for the rythm of the melody, it's too simple as well. like at 0:33 you got a whole bunch of 8ths in a row. Maybe make that 8th punctuated, 16th and then a the bunch of 8ths. I hope I'm making any sense to you. But that way I think the melody will come to live more.
  15. dry: unedited, usually without reverb sounds. But I don't think instruments are gonna be a problem if you are to submit this. Like 2Radical says, give the listener a moment rest with a bit of beatless music in it. You could go all the way and reduce it to melody only if you'd like. It's doable with the sounds, just get working on that arrangement. It's a bit too much of the same throughout the song. Also I'd recommend that you toy around a bit with the original rythm of the melody. The judges like that.
  16. I think most of the critics been geven and you don't need mine anymore. Just wanna point out that some of the pitches sung by the basses is as good as impossible. I sing in a choir myself as bass and can tell that the lowest pitches in this remix can be sung, but it would sound very, very soft. It's just not possible at the volume you present it. Or you should have a lot of low bass singers, but those are quite rare really.
  17. Actually, I thought the presentation was still crap o.Oa. Atm it's just a midi with fancy soundfonts, haven't done any real editing yet =P. And some parts idd only have basic chords supporting the melodies. And some parts that are a bit better get drowned in many other sounds. Thanks for your feedback! =)
  18. Songs used: Super Mario World - Castle Theme Zelda - Zelda's theme Final Fantasy 6 - Phantom Train & a fragment from the opera World of Warcraft - The Music from Karazhan which actually doesn't have a name. Early WIP =) The Ghosts of Nintendo are haunting Karazhan
  19. Try listening to Jeremy Robson's Piano Concerto in A minor. At 2:09, 3:22 and 5:26 the orchestra takes over the main tetris theme from the piano and the piano moves away from the melody. I suggest you put in a countermelody part for your saxophone where the rest of the orchestra focuses on the main melody. I think it would make your arrangement a lot more interesting. Of course you can play the main melody on the sax for a part, but a lot more variation in melody is needed if you want to let one instrument have such an important role. Other than that I'm missing parts where I can catch my breath, figurly speaking ofc. It's so heavy throughout the piece.imo you should try making the solo longer and then just let the celesta play the melody while the sax stays quiet. And maybe just let the sax end its solo on the secunde instead of the tonica. And instead of the strings playing along with the celesta you could have them play tremolo notes are a counter melody even. I think you should expand this part a bit. I think you can make it a lot lighter without letting the song lose its momentum. You're going the right way! Keep it up =)
  20. Drawing closer to finishing this... just needs more humanization. Lots of it. Duet of the Keyblade Masters (<-- click it =D)
  21. Chrono Trigger music is fine. Just don't use the songs others already used. It won't leave you a lot of songs to work with though.
  22. Hmm... I don't know... Does anyone else the think the More Friends version of this song was ripped of from this Mix?
  23. I usually don't post comments in the review forums, but I just had to come here to tell this is positively the most amazing Mix I've ever heard on OCR =O
  24. This sounds weird. Make it even weirder and I'll admit I like it =P Maybe toy around a bit with that bass line, make it a bit funkier. Maybe give that bass a break or even a solo. The bass is there, it wants to be heard, but it doesn't give something interesting to listen to tbh. I also recommend to expand the song more during the duration of the song. You already did this with the drums, but it can be done with so much more. Think of stuff like harmony and volume. Maybe introduce some new instruments during the song as well. I think it would be really cool if this song is sounding like it's about to explode before the soft part at 1:50. The original version of the Valley of Bowser doesn't have a lot to it, so you're working with very little here. To keep something like that interesting is no easy job, so bravo to that! I sense a shit load of potentional in this Mix =)
  25. Title: Duet of the Keyblade Masters Song: Darkness of the Unknown Game: Kingdom Hearts 2 Link: http://uboichi.googlepages.com/WIPDuetoftheKeybladeMasters.mp3 This is so far from finished... but I thought I'd let you guys hear the concept of it. EDIT: It's for 2 pianos.
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