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  1. Just thinking..its about time for OC Remix to feature a streaming radio station. Wouldn't that be awesome? They have more than enough music use.
  2. I agree with artemisjaeger. I may get flamed for it, but i cant seem to bring myself to care about the opinion of idiots. This song has little artistic value other than competent guitar playing. So why did it get approved? It uses guitar! OMG! Lets face it..there are certain "forumlas" on this site that will always get an approval from DJJudges. it's getting old. -jorg
  3. obnoxious (my word today) and juvenile. unlistenable and weird. i think that's what they were aiming for and they succeeded. ok i have to turn it off now.
  4. no. no no no. it's noisy and obnoxious. sorry that synth guitar is not happening for me.
  5. ohhh..jazz piano. sounds like one of those "late night 3AM jazz mixes" on the radio. a little narration and it could be used in a movie.
  6. it was not very good. until the style changeups. then my opinion of it improved a lot. Anyone can throw together sliced/acid beats and an arpeggiator in a sequencer, but not anyone can skillfully integrate style changes like that. That sort of thing takes talent and skill, and seperates musicians from wannabes. Great mix.
  7. i hate this kind(genre) of music. but even I kinda like this one. so, that's saying a lot, while saying very little. oh the irony
  8. normally i hate stuff like this, (because the no-talents tend to produce it) but this one is very good and creative. many elements going on. i likes.
  9. It sounded like pretty good japanese to me. I liked the switch. It adds color to "the beaten path" where there previously was none. I have trouble understanding why this is such an issue for some people. (It's probablly the same people who freak out whenever there's a tempo change or mood change. ) Variety is good!!!
  10. wow - fabulous. i just love this. I'm the same way. a bitch that's not easily pleased. but this is just simply pleasing. im pleased. so please, more please.
  11. it shows competence..moreso than i've seen lately. ends kinda abruptly though. no signal to say "end is coming up". yay orchestra hits. i like hits. haha
  12. chord progression dosent really add up. something is off about the music theory here. not my fav.
  13. Wow... BGC never fails to impress. Just dont get a BGE (Big Giant Ego) This stuff sets a new standard, every bit as good as anthem of a metroid hunter. (which is one of my fav's, all time.) All this using only FL? I cant seem to make stuff sound this good with FL. lots to learn i guess..
  14. It was professional sounding, from people i've heard of before so i knew to expect that. But i didnt really care for it much. I like jazz music, and I thought this didnt have the sort of flair that I would remember. At 1:13 the violin thinggy carries for a while. by 1:50 i would introduce something new. At 2:08 the piano is lovely, but that part only lasts a little while, the a bridge, then its back to the violin..thinggy. I dont know, maybe i just dont like violin..thinggies. Percussion is too same-same after 1:13. At the end, you could introduce stop-time (that's always fun) or something else rather than a fadeout. Play with it a little more.
  15. Lovely. Great job. Besides the piano lead, nice use of effects throughout. Professional quality. hmm.. not much i can bitch about here.
  16. mmm. hmm.. what can i say. im not familiar with the origional. I never did beat zelda... Anyway i liked the synths im just not a fan of the electro-guitar if overused, which i felt it was. perhaps introduce a couple other elements as leads at some point. The rythms were great. almost danceable. ..back to work for me. yay
  17. nice. love the jazzy tunes. Something seemed a little bit off on the pan positions in the drum lines. the rythms were excellent. i wont nit-pick over instrument quality. some of it was good others ok. ic an tell you mixed a lot of different elements into this.
  18. Is that a violin or an accordian? Dosent matter really. The sound fits the tune. The arrangement is very nice. Lovely rythm going as well. Cant find anything to bitch about, and i love to bitch. Im keeping this.
  19. it was good...at least technically well put together, well mastered, and all the rest. I did like the things you did with the song for what it is. i just dont think its particularly memorable though overall.
  20. Not accessible for the easy listener. Complex. Busy. Experimental, and hard to listen too. It's brilliant actually.
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