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  1. Definitely a nicely done remix. Definitely one to enjoy. I couldn't even remember what the original sounded like from so many years back, but this brings it all back to me. I think my gripe is the same as DJP's. Apparently he identified the over-synthesized buzz sound as "brass", I would definitely second a version with a nicer sound for that as it doesn't fit at all with the other instruments used. In fact it's so obviously out of place, I can only assume that Star meant to do that to remind us how 8-bit this stuff sounded back on the NES. You know that equalizer thing that Winamp and s
  2. I thought I'd already submitted my thoughts on this remix, but I looked and realized it must have slipped my mind. I love the down-home feel of this remix, I think it really fits in well with the mood of the piece. After listening to this, the original sounds sooo tinny and weak. Excellent job here! I only wish you'd kept in the part around 1:20 in the original where the violins harmonize for a bit. I really liked that part, but I understand as much as a remix is primarily an arrangement of the original track, it has to combine it with different ideas and bring something new to the table.
  3. This was a great melody from Xenogears. This was the major victory music (let's you know the worst is over and everything's gonna be alright), and I loved when it played in the (too) few places in the game. Jared's version starts off slow, but it's worth the wait after the melody kicks in at 2:00. Somehow I don't end up liking the violin synth that serves as the main melody throughout the piece. It seems a little too synthesized sounding, although I imagine it's faithful to the original's sound on the PSX. Maybe Jared needs some better instrument samples? As with my comment on "Pilot t
  4. This is a very nice piece of work capturing a lot of the essence of the original. At least what I remember of the original from many years ago While it's very good overall, it was definitely missing something, and I think it was Kaijin who pointed out the lack of much of a dynamic range. I like what you do with the cymbals, but I really wanted that trumpet to simply become overcome with emotion and just belt out the melody. I definitely got the Metal Gear May Cry vibe as well, mentioned by GustaveNiGHTS. Some of the arpeggios were identical to the point where I could tell he was trying
  5. I love how it starts off Middle Eastern(?) and then goes into a Xenogears theme (nice remix on that alone). Then both start to mix together and finally the Middle Eastern part takes over, but you realize the Xenogears theme has been hiding in the background all along. I imagine Star with a slider with original content on one end and Xenogears on the other and simply moving it back and forth to produce a blend weighted more in one direction or the other at different times. In fact it's easy to get caught up in the wholeness of the music and forget that it's really a mixture of 2 different th
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