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  1. This song is awesome I love the vocals, although they're a little harder to understand than I like...
  2. This isn't going to be my favorite remix. It's a little too techno-ish for me. Sadly, WinAmp refuses to be kind to me:
  3. Meh. A electronica/techno CT theme. Whoopie. Is it just me, or are these getting old?
  4. I like this one a lot. I think the kick thingy fits well. I don't recognize what it's based from at all, I only played CT for a few weeks on my emulator, but I love it none the less. It's definately a relief from the techno/orchestrated CT remixes. Me likey!
  5. No! Someone beat me to an AOE remix! Ah, well, it was very nice I liked the whole dealy, everything fit nicely and sounded great together. The only thing i didn't like is that the instruments kinda kept sliding the pitch... whatever you call it. It's nice, but it kinda seemed overdone to me, too much changing. But, i love the whole thing. This is going onto my next OCR CD.
  6. There I was. Slowly looking through the ReMix Reviews, minding my own business. I saw 'Terra In Black', with 2 pages of replies. I thought 'this might be good, I'll go check it out.' Boy was I wrong. This is not good. It's infinitely better. Better than good. Better than great. Better than any friggin' word in the english language. I was going to make some wise crack about DJP's choice of words in his description, but after hearing the song, I think those words are well justified. Awesome. Another one to add to my OCR classics list
  7. Yes. I liked this remix. A nice, original theme, very well composed. Everything fits together perfectly. The break(s) were put in at the best spots. Very nice
  8. NO! YOU CAN'T! This is going to be another classic in my WMP MP3 collection. Joining the ranks of DJP and FG's mix of Starfox - Clan McCloud, DJP's Pachelbel's Gannon, and... several others that i've forgotten, because WMP is so cheap, it plays the same 7 "random" songs over and over, and never gets to the good ones. *sigh*... i gotta get a GOOD MP3 player... Very nice stuff from McVaffe
  9. mm... i like the other Z:LA remixes from BC, but this one just didn't do it for me. It seemed too... boring. Kinda the same thing over and over. Too simple to repeat that much. And the quote, in my opinion, didn't fit at all. I have to say that i didn't like this one, but i still look forward to BC's next submission
  10. Wow. It's a new song. I recognize almost nothing of the original themes that it was inspired by, but this is excellent. I'll be burning 30 copies of this onto a CD, then listening with Repeat All on now...
  11. Personally, i loved this mix. I'm not much of a "reviewer" so i might and probably will say something stupid. I liked the whole mix because it was very simple. It was a nice R and B sound with no frills. It was kind of repetitive, but i liked that. The bass thing was too loud, i agree with you all there, but it added a nice feel. I would've liked one of those variation things in there (you know, where the music changes style slightly, then goes back to the original), but it was nice. I liked this one better than his first.
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