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  1. https://soundcloud.com/fazzakins/buff-trump-with-a-grudge The inspiration for this came out of nowhere, while I was trying to figure out how to make decent synths with NI Massive. For some reason, one of the sounds reminded me of this song. Since I was already recording metal-ish things it wasn't too much of a stretch to try and recreate this theme myself, with some flourishes. Someone on YouTube commented that Geese looks (and acts) quite a lot like Donald Trump -- this was before he was elected President, of course. Seems quite apt to title it after him now. Even though Geese is stacked and angry and Trump is mostly just angry. Any feedback, I'm all ears!
  2. Hey, I'm fairly new to this, so if I could get some advice.. My current "recording equipment" consists of my guitar plugged into the amplifier and then through a 3.5" male-male jack into my laptop. I thought this would give a clear sound since I'm not using a microphone, which in itself would have caused feedback issues (I imagine). But for some reason I keep getting a lot of feedback or background noise. If someone could recommend another method of recording live samples with minimal feedback, that would be awesome. Or if there's some way to process a WAV file to get rid of feedback which I'm not aware of, please do point me in the right direction!! Thanks, Iz
  3. I LOVE this song. Been playing a lot of Resident Evil lately and the mood is just so weird and creepy (in a kitsch kind of way).
  4. Unfortunately I've missed about 14 pages of this project, but I'm keen as hell to be a part of it! Lemme know whenever you need someone who can either play classical guitar, or shred electric with a vengeance! I can do both, in case you haven't noticed. Hell, just wait, I'll eventually upload something that will rock your socks. Literally.
  5. Any 16-bit song McVaffe gets his hands on instantly turns to gold; this is no exception.
  6. Yeah, absolutely brilliant. Shame about the Radical Dreamers pieces and others, I can't seem to load the joek.org page. Is there anywhere else that the pieces can be downloaded?
  7. I have a question; if I want to post a topic about tips for dating (involving no sexuality or dirty talk), where would it go? I was thinking Unmod, but I was afraid it might go where I don't want to go...
  8. Hi. Yeah, so, about me.. I'm a newbie, but I posted a bit on the Politics, Philosophy, and Religion board before realizing there was a board for newbies. Hopefully I won't stick around too long; I enjoyed the heated discussion back there.. Actually, everything needed to know about me is in my profile, and you can find out everything else yourselves as we go. EDIT: Check out the Philosophy board.
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