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  1. https://soundcloud.com/fazzakins/buff-trump-with-a-grudge The inspiration for this came out of nowhere, while I was trying to figure out how to make decent synths with NI Massive. For some reason, one of the sounds reminded me of this song. Since I was already recording metal-ish things it wasn't too much of a stretch to try and recreate this theme myself, with some flourishes. Someone on YouTube commented that Geese looks (and acts) quite a lot like Donald Trump -- this was before he was elected President, of course. Seems quite apt to title it after him now. Even though Geese i
  2. Hey, I'm fairly new to this, so if I could get some advice.. My current "recording equipment" consists of my guitar plugged into the amplifier and then through a 3.5" male-male jack into my laptop. I thought this would give a clear sound since I'm not using a microphone, which in itself would have caused feedback issues (I imagine). But for some reason I keep getting a lot of feedback or background noise. If someone could recommend another method of recording live samples with minimal feedback, that would be awesome. Or if there's some way to process a WAV file to get rid of feedback which I'm
  3. I LOVE this song. Been playing a lot of Resident Evil lately and the mood is just so weird and creepy (in a kitsch kind of way).
  4. Unfortunately I've missed about 14 pages of this project, but I'm keen as hell to be a part of it! Lemme know whenever you need someone who can either play classical guitar, or shred electric with a vengeance! I can do both, in case you haven't noticed. Hell, just wait, I'll eventually upload something that will rock your socks. Literally.
  5. Any 16-bit song McVaffe gets his hands on instantly turns to gold; this is no exception.
  6. Yeah, absolutely brilliant. Shame about the Radical Dreamers pieces and others, I can't seem to load the joek.org page. Is there anywhere else that the pieces can be downloaded?
  7. I have a question; if I want to post a topic about tips for dating (involving no sexuality or dirty talk), where would it go? I was thinking Unmod, but I was afraid it might go where I don't want to go...
  8. Hi. Yeah, so, about me.. I'm a newbie, but I posted a bit on the Politics, Philosophy, and Religion board before realizing there was a board for newbies. Hopefully I won't stick around too long; I enjoyed the heated discussion back there.. Actually, everything needed to know about me is in my profile, and you can find out everything else yourselves as we go. EDIT: Check out the Philosophy board.
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