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  1. I got this earlier last year, and I was very impressed with almost every single song in this project. You've crushed my hopes of ever being this good. The Lower Norfair theme was my favorite, followed closely by the orchestra Marida rendition. It reminded me a lot of the Crashed Frigate theme in Prime in terms of mood. And hey, the Brinstar theme just rocked. Plain and simple. All-in-all, a stand-out effort and kudos to everyone who put work into this project. It is extremely appreciated.
  2. Umm...wow? I think this is the perfect counterpoint to Nigel Simmons' more upbeat rendition of the same source: Creepy and mysterious, and very delicate feeling too, like DJP said. The subtle harp early on really told me this was going to be a good piece. Great job on the instrumentation. I do seem to hear some of the EWQLSO articulations in here, if I'm not mistaken? At any rate, you used the samples superbly. This one has found a place on my playlist. 9/10
  3. Dang, that sweeping strings and brass part at 1:08 makes me get all goosebumpy. Are these the Project SAM Horns at work here? What I'd give to have the money to buy all the SAM brass collections. *drooldrooldrool* Not to mention the solo ones too. *moredroolingmoredrooling* Anyway, this is probably my favorite from you by far, Mr. Cox, though I've never heard the original. Sweeping melodies, lush harmonies, I could go on. I'm...a bit confused at how the snare seems to be panned pretty far left with no reverb, though. Admittedly, not everything needs 'verb on it and sometimes a song is better served to try and take advantage of the electronic aspect of music composing and not be forced into following every orchestral "rule." All-in-all, my fave from yo so far, just above the Ninja Gaiden piece. Great work.
  4. This really is a beautiful song. I really love that english horn (?) repetition of the main melody; that was when I knew this was a great song. Actually, the cello makes me feel sad at first, but the english horn and the snare cadence make it feel hopeful in a way. Great job on evoking emotions with this one Mr. North. You had my idolization before, but now you've got even more of it! If I were to criticize one thing, it would be that the cello seems a touch "fuzzy" in the high frequencies...though it's entirely likely that might be from the MP3 compression, I've heard it happen before. Still, pure musicality trumps minor quibbles like that every time, and this has both a beautiful musical quality and great samples throughout. Final word: Powerful, concise and well put together. Great job.
  5. Straight-up metal is something rarely seen on OC, if you ask me. But this is a great rendition of the Catacombs song, either way. I like how it goes immediately establishes the original melody, and goes through the song in a straightforward manner, but it's got plenty of extra flourishes and additions to the original song to not seem tired or unoriginal. Nice work on the solo at the end.
  6. This gem was hidden amongst the tons of files I got when I downloaded the OC torrents a few months back. I was really surprised when I heard it the first time, but then I saw it was by AmIEvil and all was explained. Needless to say, this song rocks in ways thought previously un-rockable. It's heavy, it's got superb sound quality and the live and synth parts mix perfectly. I really never noticed the lack of bass from this one, so I think it makes no difference either way. Another standout song from Mr.AmIEvil. 10/10 I love that whip noise, by the way.
  7. This is too catchy. WAY too catchy! I think I've listened to it like 5 times in row. Really nice work all around, especially with the melody adaptations. I'm really digging the cello DJP used in this...it sounds very familiar to me, but I can't place who it's from. Some Roland/Edirol product perhaps? And it's strange, I recognize half the instruments in this song too, like the classical guitar and the hi-hat samples. Well, it makes no difference either way. Excellent job all around, and very listenable. Great job on the mixing, too. Everything sounds clear and professional. Despite the lack of Ganon's theme, I'll give this a 10 outta 10. D
  8. This is what you'd call the quintessential perfect remix, at least in my opinion. Nothing drastically different from the original in terms of notes and stuff, just perfectly pulled off with fantastic sound quality and structure. I have to admit, I highly admire this remix and it gets regular play on my pc. Very good stuff, it really would be a nice thing to hear a Castlevania remix project sometime....
  9. Dang, Jeremy Soule is the poster boy for the "do one thing, do it well" crowd. He's obviously mastered his chosen style of classical music: Epic, slightly mysterious, somewhat ambient. In other words, great. And there's nothing wrong with doing one thing well. Everybody's got their niche. Now, it may not be the best, the latest or the greatest (is any song?) but it IS good., and well worth a download if you're a fan of Mr. Soule. By the way, I saw someone mention that he composed the Icewind Dale soundtrack. I was under the impression that Inon Zur did IWD's music. I could be wrong, though.
  10. Castlevania music takes itself to guitars so amazingly well, for some reason. As for this particular song, I can see where goat gets his tradition of great remixes. This song was one of my faves in the original game, and I'm glad to hear someone do it justice. To my ear, there are some minor mixing issues, namely in the compression/limiting department causing some slight distortion in spots, but it's very minor, and not nearly enough to tarnish this song. Excellent work. I find I prefer his Castlevania stuff to the Minibosses.
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