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  1. Suberb, of course. Not that I expect anything else, of course. ...incidentally, I'm slightly creeped out by the way everyone keeps saying 'We miss you!' and the fact that Shnabubula's last forum post was in March. Is he okay?
  2. Oh, dear. It's so *nearly* great... but the tuning's off by a very tiny amount, just enough to really get on my nerves. But I still wish I could play the guitar like that, though...
  3. I've actually just listened to this again on speakers, and it's actually way cool. As, you say, the middle's a bit disappointing, but the beginning and end are imaginative and well done and the phase tricks add an amazing sense of space. Alas, I mostly listen to remixes at work, through headphones, so this won't be going on my permanent playlist...
  4. Aaaaaahhhh.... what the hell is that? I was listening to this on headphones and my ears suddenly oscillating! Is that the phase switching effect? Because if so, it's really uncomfortable...
  5. Some of the background of this rather cool track is reminiscent of Protection 1 by the disturbingly weird group Coil...
  6. Mmm. This is *almost* really, really good... all the individual parts of it are brilliant. Unfortunately, IMO, all those parts put together leads to something that's a bit chaotic and unstructured. It never seems to go anywhere. It doesn't seem to *mean* anything, which is a pity, because there's so much potential. That said, I'm going to check out the other pieces in the series. Right now...
  7. Yeah, there is a link --- just finished downloading it. I was misled by the fact that for some bizarre reason my mouse pointer doesn't indicate that it's a link when I hover the mouse over it... very bad form on the otherwise quite well-designed ocremix site! But I now have a copy. Of my very own. Yay!
  8. Fabulous. Truly. It's got structure, it's got style, it's literate, it shows a deep appreciation and understanding of what makes music, and yes, it's got mad piano skillz. It's just the right length, too. What it doesn't have is a download link! Where can I get it? Preferably better quality than 64kbit stream... the artist profile page just points at mp3.com, which is defunct, and there's no other information. Someone said that this apparently came from vgmix.com, but I can't find anything there, either...
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