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  1. OH.....MY......GODDDDDDDDD Here I was scanning the community for something interesting and came uppon the name of Jeremy Soule.... I, like some of you, read the name....blinked....read it again.....downloaded and played and had to search for my jaw when hearing that it WAS Soule's work I heard.... I can recall about 5 times when I have played a game that he made the music for and in the midst of the action have stopped playing to experiance the music and after a while realising that my entire party has been killed due to my innaction.....lol.....talk about music that grips you and paralyzes you....wow This track is no exception and Soule remixes the womderfull original and adds his style of orchestration and the result.....well nothing short of Soule magic If he decides to remix more tracks and add them to OCR's database I might have to stop working and just stay infront of my screen with a goofy grin of pleasure as I listen away to oblivion.... GIMME MOOOOOOOOORE.......
  2. VERY enjoyable music here......calm and ethereal allmost.....great stuff to listen to while taking it easy But I have to admit that I agree with so many others.....quite the abrupt ending.....but thats a small thing.... Well worth the download
  3. Well I'll be damned......I didnt know what to excpect when I downloaded this.....but by god this is great.... The piano intro, the voices...the beat's.....I found myself forgetting to breathe while I was listening to this a few times. This has some powerfull emotive nuances....love it
  4. HELL YEAH!!! This mix rocks, I just want to go beat the snot out of something. Cool stuff to say the least.
  5. Wow what can I say.....this piece is so calm and emotive.....I can feel it grip me and speak to me Really nice
  6. I keep listening to this remix and it seems to grow on you like some kind of rash......hopefully it is not as hard to get rid of as one...... Great work here.....love it....
  7. .....*sniffle*.....this is great...just great.... I love this remix...... Where's that box of cleenex.....
  8. Wow......I remeber this game with fond memories and a huge bit of nostalgia. Interesting remix that shows promise I must say. I would love for more remixers to have a look at this game and make some good remixex of the music from it.....so if I PLEAD will anyone feel uf to the challenge? Good work.....keep it up
  9. What can I say except WOW. This really brings me back to my childhood.....well I didnt have a childhood more like a gamehood....but anyways. I loved the tune from the original game ever since I first heard it and now look, I had to become a member just to say WOW and BEAUTIFULLY DONE. This is the reason I got into working with music and musicians in the first place. Keep up the good work and I guess I will be hanging around here a lot from now on.
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