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  1. Have you ever heard a song so perfect it made you sit back and think ...wow... why do I care about all this pointless shit? I'm amazed how well you portrayed such a powerful feeling. 10 out of 10.
  2. I love you DjRedlight! Keep up the good work! If anyone hasn't gone to her website yet, it has alot of amazing music on it. http://www.djredlight.com/
  3. awesome style and originality, incredible techy sounds, i love it more and more the more i hear it! I absolutly love it! 9.5/10 <33 contra
  4. OMG, NEW GOAT. GOAT IS MY METAL GOD.... wait orchistra? hahaha awesome change up- beautiful peace with very high quality and power. You've proven yourself to be amazing once again! I LOVE YOU GOAT!
  5. Kickass song, smooth vibes and AMAZING piano, I loved it. The claps were a bit excessive though...
  6. Makes me feel like... I'm on a mission in a fishtank... or something.
  7. Powerful Heavy metal stuff- reminds me of goat's "Stained Glass Filth". Nice drums and guitar. highly reccomended.
  8. just listened to the song, and wanted to give an actual review. I played all the commander keens, and 4 being my and my siblings favorite (we grew up playing these games, we were like 4 when we got commander keen on a demo disc) it brought back many memories, much like the other KK4 remix. good quality, but slightly repetitive. you could have thrown in a little more variation. the minor to major switch about midway through the song is very nice. greatly enjoyed. 7.5/10
  9. Umm... boring and tuneless? sounds like background noise. Maybe you can put a song on top of this? two thumbs up as background noise!
  10. I personally, am a sucker for flute remixes, and i think this is awesome. Maintained a constant power without getting boring, it really reaches into your soul. 10/10, NJ guys
  11. Kick ASS! uber fast! Brings back that old feeling, of HOLY shit he's cool, but Squall just got hit with them giant ice things! ahhh! hahaha anyway, nicely done.
  12. WOOHAA! another top notch Castlevania remix! Metal to the max! Brings back the same feeling of when i first heard Rush'n Attack Purple Heart. keep it up Goat!
  13. OH man! hot sh*t! first off wicked high quality, quick beat, well made and not repetitive. Vocals are excellent addition. <3!! Then to top it all off, it has a pretty wicked solo in the middle- hot DAMN. HIGHLY reccomended.
  14. the sound of it was very flat, no real styling of base- kept as steady as if it were a march. High quality, sound samples are GREAT work. although good trance music, its flatness makes it hard to get into unless you're doing circut kick boxing. 8/10.
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