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  1. I was sitting here thinking "Man, I wish somebody would remix the Jade Cocoon battle theme." I checked OC Remix and voila! My wish had been granted. Awesome as always, Another. Your Jade Cocoon works have always been my favorites here. You managed to take a song I already loved and always had stuck in my head, and made a version with even stronger qualities! It's hard to finish this reply as I keep getting distracted by the song itself, so I'm going to end it here.
  2. It coerced me to actually log in and post; that speaks highly of its quality! The Wild Arms theme of all songs... a fantastic choice. It appeals to my love of the violin, too. Awesome work!
  3. Well, this took me by surprise! Jade Cocoon's soundtrack is sadly overlooked, as was the game itself. I particularly liked how you kept the tribal elements intact without making them sound out of place in the ReMix. The 3:12 segment is extremely well done and nostalgic as well, different in style but it connects seamlessly. Altogether an excellent track. It even woke me up and cured my headache. That's good remix there. =) The Jade Cocoon soundtrack is an untapped well of musical goodness that was just begging for a proper remix, and it finally got one. I look forward to any further work you d
  4. Woohoo! Congratulations Pixietricks! I haven't personally played Civ4 yet, but I've played every other one. The composer also did the music in Civ3? While it was compared to Civ2 quite a bit in terms of Gameplay, it seems most agree the music was very, very good.
  5. I really enjoy this remix. I listen to a lot of OC Remix stuff when I'm doing other things, and wouldn't you know In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony found itself very fitting for many games of NetHack. There is a whole lot of In Memory of going on in that game. =) The dark, sometimes even quiet nature of the remix can fill you with quite a lot of emotion. I especially like the gunshot and scream (From FFT no less, it seems!) at the ending; it goes together perfectly with the closing parts of the 'mix and feels very natural rather then simply "there along with" or "added in" as sound effects can sometime
  6. Immaculate. Choir and Orchestra flow together flawlessly. This is epic-movie quality music; the sort of music you lean back in your seat to, hands full of popcorn, eyes as big as dishes as your heart pounds in rhythm with the music. A drink sits by you, untouched by human hands as awe restricts its consumption. Bits and pieces of snack food fly across the theater as thunderous applause erupts, shaking the walls, floor and ceiling. Wonder slowly turns to dismay as the crowd finally realizes that the song is, indeed, over and plans to hear it once more brew without words. A strange sense of vert
  7. Lufia? Bad? Eh. The story interested me, I liked the graphics and the music... the battles were nothing exciting but they weren't bad. What was bad, then? THE ENCOUNTER RATE. Holy tap-dancing Cthulhu, that was insane. Its sequel, however, MORE then made up for ANY flaw the original had. It was much more unique; infact, the encounters weren't random, you could bump into an enemy to start, and they'd move a lot. You could nab them with arrows to freeze them... basically, clever tricks could cause you to avoid boring fights. The way they moved only when you did sort of reminds me of roguelikes.
  8. A personal favorite is Seiken Densetsu 3: Memories of the Sea http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01019/ I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but Ryan8Bit's Crystalis: Calming the Angry Sea is probably one of the most suitable songs for chilling on this entire site. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00731/ Good stuff.
  9. McGuinn's Folk Den has a seafaring section; http://www.ibiblio.org/jimmy/folkden-wp/?cat=11 Be warned; some of it is lyrics, but there are a lot of MP3s. Don't expect them to be extremely high in production values, but what I listened to was pretty good. ^Note: The astute of you might of noticed "Spanish Ladies", the song sung by Quint in Jaws. Farewell and adieu to ye spanish ladies... farewell and adieu to ye ladies of spain...
  10. As a person that doesn't post that often I doubt I have the right to make a judgment such as this, but I'd personally much prefer judges that let a poor remix in then judges that would keep a good remix out. Yes, I understand quality over quantity, but I'm sure even a few songs that most people find terrible have a small number of fans. There ARE a few remixes that I have no desire to listen to again, but from comments I've read on those, not everybody agrees. And if you are worried about bandwidth and storage space, well, bandwidth is and will likely stay expensive but storage space isn't all
  11. Here is some easy proof that you've created something excellent; I listened to it a couple times, grabbed a pair of headphones (Ear buds, technically), slammed them into the back of the computer in exchange for the speakers and set Winamp to Loop. Granted, I can agree that it's very close to just being a cover, and it's on OC remix, but the quality is superb. I really liked the solo-flute opening, so much so that I listened to it a few times by itself. A suggestion for any and all listeners, lest you have some extraordinary speakers, turn them up high or put on headphones; there is very subtle
  12. Awesome. Very creative use of chiptunes and having the Genesis and NES 'duelling' is pretty neat. It starts off a little slow, but it goes insane in due time; I don't think you could of picked a better song to use for this concept. Bit later in the song I'm reminded of your other remix, Hunter's Community Chest, which I also enjoyed immensely. Sort of makes me think of Zelda versus Crusader of Centy. I love this remix, heh, it's like you drew awesome out of the weave to craft this. I'd suggest that anyone whom likes this should also check out Hunter's Community Chest. They are similar to me, a
  13. Metal Slug is given proper attention from RoeTaKa! Although I'd choose Metal Slug X over Metal Slug 2, they're basically identical anyway. This remix really captures the insanity the game offers in good supply, and dare I say... enhances it? Compliments to the Remixer! Forget all about reloading and throw this remix into your favorite playlist.
  14. Everything after the intro, after about 0:55, is excellent. Like everyone else, I'm not that fond of the way it starts, but the rest more then makes up for it. Overall, excellent job! One of my new favorites.
  15. Zen and Superbombs. Consider the ice cannon. It's like metroid meditation in the brinstar bonsai garden! Anyway, very nice. It's got style, which is like funk but it smells a bit better, and you can't go wrong with a bit 'o Chrono-logic. Compliments to the Red Tailed Fox.
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