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  1. Oh dear God, NO! She should not waste her talents on such a foolish show. She should waste her talents on videogame remixes. Anyways, this remix made me go searching around for some of her other stuff. I heard some great WIPs. Keep singing, you rule!
  2. God, I loved this song when it was on vgmix. One of my favorites. Now that Gray got his hands on it, it's even better. This really kicks ass. Great work!
  3. Yeah, I was wondering why everyone was calling it heavy metal... It's certainly not what came to my mind when I heard it.
  4. All I have to say is... This mix kicks ass. Edit: After listening to this one a lot (too much), I can easily say it's one of my favorites. This song kicks my ass.
  5. I totally agree. Djp brings the awesome funk, and we need more. This song is the shit.
  6. Yeah, I totally heard that too... And it was awesome. Awesome mix.
  7. Yeah, I've had this song from VGMix for quite some time. I love it, easily one of my favorites from Darkesword. It reminds me of Metroid Prime music, its got that ambient feel to it. Excellent work here.
  8. I saw a new remix from Ziwtra AND from Final Fantasy Adventure, which got me really excited. Thankfully the mix itself did not disappoint. Great stuff as usual Ziwtra!
  9. No way! You should continue doing more obscure songs because this kicks ass. Great stuff, I always like hearing new stuff rather than things I've heard many times.
  10. Of course he is more known for his rap... Probably "Niggaz 4 Life" to be specific since it was so "controversial" (Not really if you ask me, but some feel that way). Anyways, be it guitar or rapping, zyko puts out some awesome shit, and this is no exception. I think this remix sounds great, great guitar riffs, I especially like the ending. Only problem that I had was the repetitive drums, but that really didn't take too much away from the remix as a whole. Good stuff.
  11. Ok, I figured I liked this song so much that I should write a review for it. Just to let you know, I've never even played the game that this came from so I've never even heard the source material before (for some reason I doubt many of us have)... And this happens to be one of my favorite songs on this site. I love it how your remixes always flow very well and never come off as repetitive. Nothing sounds out of place. This remix is a true representation of Ziwtra's remixing skills. Phenomenal work!
  12. Wait a second, I don't recall Ziwtra remixing the same song that BGC did. Surely they were both from the same game, but not the same song. Or at least I think so... But anyways, I liked this song a lot... As I do with just about everything else showing up on this site these days. You did a great job on this song and it surely shows a great deal of improvement from your last release, which I also liked quite a bit.
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