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  1. Well, that really sucks. I think that it's a shame how many people I know are so unwilling to buy music these days. Might just be the college environment. I'll try my hardest to promote this though! It's rare that I absolutely love every track on an album.
  2. Rofl, I was just about to say that. I just started playing that game last night and I was like "this sounds somewhat familiar. Again, I can't emphasize how awesome this album is. Everyone needs to get it!
  3. This is sick. Just purified awesome. Jill's vocals are amazing. They sound very professional and are oozing with character. Both the songs she sings in are just gorgeous. The rest of the tracks on the album are equally awesome. Plenty of different genres, all of which are masterfully performed, ensures the listener will never get bored. I really dig Depth Charge and Antigravity.
  4. That would be awesome, I'm tingling with anticipation. I have some free iTunes stuff, but I don't want to waste it on something that I'm getting in the mail in 5 days. Also, that new tefnek collab is sick. I hope he starts releasing some more stuff sometime soon.
  5. There's conversion software out there.
  6. The boss fights were never hard to begin with. All you have to do is chase Ocelot around the room shooting him, he'll never get a shot off. This is all without first person. MGS, in general, was never hard to begin with. First person mode hardly "breaks" the game. As for the voice acting, both the original MGS and TTS have many sketchy places in the voicing. Many people are just nostalgia whores and will shun anything that's changed from the original. Both games have some very forced dialogue at points. I felt that the original did better in some of the more dramatic scenes; but I hated most o
  7. Dude, that's awesome. "In The Dark" is a freakin awesome album. I've been listening to it a lot in the past week and it really deserves this kind of recognition.
  8. Damn, I can't believe I missed this. I was following it for quite some time. Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity is still my favorite track, but this is all freakin awesome.
  9. I just listened to all the samples and I have to say that each track sounds incredible. I also finally got around to buying Impulse Prime, which is pretty sick. Now I'm anxiously awaiting May 10. Won't it come faster?
  10. Holy shit. This is awesome. They all sound awesome, but I NEED Depth Charge. Preordering.
  11. I really enjoyed this. The vocal section was a bit short lived, but it was awesome. This made me purchase your album, which I enjoyed quite a bit as well.
  12. I really don't know what my thoughts on it were. I swear, the technology was really random. Cell phones, RPGs, and samurai swords. It didn't make any sense. The violence was way over the top. It just screams "look at me! look at me!" I'd say the action was pretty good though. Lots of focus on finishing off the enemies, seeing them get split in half with blood going everywhere. Kinda cool, but not for everyone. The weak part of the action is that it didn't build any tension. It was flashy as hell, but didn't invoke any emotion. The story however, was pretty lame. "Number one and number two" and
  13. Good to see this get posted, this is simply amazing. I, for one, loved the intro.
  14. The intunation really doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it sort of adds to the atmosphere. Plus, your shit has always had problems with that. Excellent work as usual.
  15. hahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm almost tempted to read one of those just for the laughter that will ensue, but I'm just a tad bit afraid. And oh yeah, Akumajo, plz finish Water on the Dancefloor, it's awesome.
  16. Oh man, now that I gave this entire thing a listen, I can easily say that this is the best site project yet. I'm really sad that Rayza's tune could never be completed because holy hell it's amazing. But on to the actual project... Kanjika surprised me the most. When I first saw the project, I saw that he had some of my favorite songs, but I had never heard anything done by him. Both of his songs are freakin epic. Hetcenus also surprised me. Never heard anything by him. Classy piano stuff. Rexy did great, too. Hydrocity is my favorite tune on the soundtrack, I nearly shit my pants when I saw th
  17. This stuff is pretty awesome. But what the hell happened to Rayza's WIP? That stuff was awesome on the teaser site and now it's been slowed down. It lost its energy. More comments on the actual project later. Edit: Nevermind, musicmatch doesn't play the track correctly, I had to re-encode it.
  18. This is some off beat stuff. The singing reminds me of Offspring and the instrumentation is very strange. Pretty neat stuff though, I'm thrilled that the project is finally out and I look forward to listening to the rest tomorrow.
  19. This stuff is amazing. Both albums. Thanks for the great music.
  20. Ok, "Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity" is friggin badass as hell. One of my new favorites of yours.
  21. I'm personally looking forward to hearing all of those little WIPs you've posted over the past year in completed form. I hope you haven't dropped any.
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