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  1. 7 hours ago, Flexstyle said:

    I just got home to a ThinkGeek package that I definitely didn't order myself sitting near my desk. It contained these! 



    Dunno how good the detail in that pic is, but that's a Batman travel mug (which will get LOTS AND LOTS of use because I drink a LOT of coffee on the go), and a Batarang letter opener! How did you know that Batman is my favorite super hero?


    As a side note, I was feeling pretty down today about being a Miserable Excuse For An Adult (tm), but now I own a letter opener. You have no idea how much that has cheered me up -- I can do a Very Adult Thing (opening mail) in style now! Thank you so very much, Secret Santa! (I know your name but not your forum handle, so might as well be anonymous :P )

    I had received confirmation that Mr. Wayne's shipment had arrived. He sends his regards sir. ;) And wait till you see what that letter opener looks like. You'll want to do not adult things with it. ;)

  2. 9 hours ago, Rexy said:

    I think we'll ALL be anxious at this rate.  I've maintained a spreadsheet for the Secret Santa and I noticed that just less than half of us had checked in with progress on sending our parcels out, while only 3 of them have arrived so far - and with 5 days until Christmas, this is telling me there's less overall enthusiasm than in the previous few years.

    Heck, I usually help out a few people that hadn't got their gifts by giving them Steam gifts if they have an account, but that's going to be hard to ease the minds of 21 people excluding myself xD

    can provide evidence if needed that my order is in transit. :)

  3. Love my gifts. Will be put to good use. ;) #LegendOfZelda


    As for my intended target. Due to the request i've had to really rack my brain to figure something out i'm unfortunately failing. I'm going to be putting something together to go out on Friday one way or the other. Sorry its going out so late but paycheck issues are making me take this at a different angle. I have not forgotten :) 

  4. 11 hours ago, NintendoLover94 said:

    oh my god my body is so ready :3 i do have a few concerns though:

    #1: i cant imagine that the thing where you take the controls off of the portable is going to work too well. i love Nintendo to death, but they arnt the best at making hardware

    #2: please, for the love of god, let this one get third party support so it'll actually sell

    #3: i wonder how powerful the handheld will be. even though it wont effect me personally, graphics whores are gonna tear this thing apart if there is any graphics quality drops between the console and portable.


    1. Better than you might think in hardware terms actually. Granted not perfect but recent track record has me less concerned. This thing is a finished product its not a demo they could drop it at christmas if they wanted to. But they want more marketing run up.


    2. Its got a LOT of early third party support and game engines include Unity AND Unreal. That is gigantic. 


    3. The whole point is that its the same between either. Which i really really hope is true. 


    Concerning powerdrain: The best evidence we have on this is the Wii U Pro controller. Outrageous battery life on that thing. I think we're going to be OK there.


    And Yes that WAS an intentional Knock on the Iphone 7. That comes as part of Nintendo's alliance with Google. This dropped at a specific time for a specific reason. Google is taking aim at Amazon after their Twitch Prime announcement. 

  5. On 12/9/2015 at 1:25 PM, BardicKnowledge said:

    Well, I am blown away by the gift that I received.  Wes really doesn't want me to finish my dissertation, haha.  In all seriousness, this is very humbling and I don't know how best to express how thankful I am except to say thank you.  This unboxing pic of me looking way more excited than I usually do (I intended just a very pleased smile, I confess) comes via a joke by Addie, who took the picture right after she said "Now look like I didn't schedule you a vasectomy for Christmas," causing me to laugh really hard and create an embarrassing picture of myself for everyone's enjoyment.




    As an aside, I have a large pile of digital goodies for my own person, but they haven't accepted my Steam friend request.  If they don't respond by the end of the day I'm just going to spoil the surprise and PM them since I should not be sitting on gifts after receiving my own.

    You sir for the record blew me away. Now if i can only find a controller for the big one. 


    Mine is nowhere near as impressive to my recipent. But it worked well last year, so i'm ready to try it again. =)

  6. If you've been following certain areas of the world a game company known as Niantic has been on your radar fringes for some time.


    The game Ingress is wildly successful and popular but it has its limits. Still it redefined the ARG.


    Little did anyone know that a VIP class player was involved.


    Said VIP player: Current head of Pokémon.


    Gonna keep this short and sweet: Pokémon has paired with Nintendo and Niantic to create what could be the new standard in gaming.


    On 9/10 A press conference was issued and the first Trailer of a new game was debuted.


    A Pokémon Augmented Reality Game.


    Pokémon Go. 2016... get your phones ready.


    (and yes. I will be in on it too.)

  7. I cant even begin to think of where to begin.


    Everywhere i turn there is audio awesomeness.


    Kate once again proves every bit Pixie's equal.


    Amanda delivers a truly surprising awesome performance.


    Natalya and Seth pull off the near impossible imo in remixing a remix and making it FIT.


    Melodies of Life was an absolute shocker. I looked at the timer before the first note played and thought it was an error...Then the second part of the song hit. Mind=Blown.


    Freya...I'll say what I said on twitter. My favorite character of the entire FF series. My personal archetype of a character and a story of redemption I just loved start to finish. Her theme was as well done as I could hope for.


    FF6 was a long time dream fulfilled hearing the Opera in its entirety with the Aria being my capstone.


    In FF9 I only hoped for staying true to the game in all its awesomeness and faults. Well, you people somehow managed to pull off underpromising and overdelivering with this one.


    You people could drop the microphone right now your mark on the world of music made forever with what you've released recently.


    Personally I want you people to bind that microphone to your hands with adamantium wire. Long Live OCremix. God has sent you all to earth with a purpose. And you all have found it.

  8. ...You people are absolutely out of your fucking minds.


    And i pray to god you never find them...


    Five years Five very long years... And worth every blessed second of wait.


    I didnt think anything could stand to the monumental FF6 album Balance and Ruin. This...this did.


    You people continue to hit it out of the park in ways I couldn't even begin to dream of. My hat is off to all of you once again.



  9. Pixie. I'm an avid fan of spotify by the sheer range of Music i can find on there.

    Low and behold how i feel when i find the 2015 Video Games Live album appropriately titled: Level 4.

    And i see you not once. But TWICE. To top it all off they both had the LIVE tag.

    I checked the forums just to be sure i didnt miss something here. And now i feel sick to my stomach as you guys were at the Sands Event Center this past Christmas I now work at the Casino attached to that facility.

    Congratulations Pixie. =)

  10. steiner_by_fenrir__the_2nd-d8boae1.jpg

    How about the deadline gets another delay and the album will be published to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy IX in Summer 2015?

    That would allow the Game-Art-HQ Artists to have more time, and I can reach more of them, figure out more artwork ideas and to release the album as the 15th Anniversary would be really cool I think.

    The Adalbert Steiner Illustration above by Fenrir-The-2nd is the first of around currently 13 illustrations which are in the works by GA-HQ members.

    Greets and a great start into 2015 everyone



    ....Oh. My. GOD.

    The way they capture home in the armor...my lord. That aint rustbucket :D i LOVE that pic.

  11. I would hope finishing up FF9 is on your list boss. Just saying.

    Now to mine.

    1. Lose some weight.

    2. Keep my job

    3. Get my Jeep

    4. Start my Weekly Podcast.

    5. Get my guns.

    6. Continue to be as Charitable as i can

    7. Carpe Diem.

    8. Get the Job i REALLY want.

  12. Hey guys my computer problems are only a few days away from being over. And now as i look at the things i have to add to it. (Primarily a sound card) There are a few other things that need to be handled.

    I'm looking at upgrading my desk and chair. For the purposes of this conversation Price should not go over 300 for either item. For the desk know that space is a HUGE consideration. Though i will consider items up to 500 If they're specific. (DX Racer chairs is one such item)

    There's another factor to consider. I have a 32 inch Vizio TV which is my Room's TV. Said TV is 1080P and capable of being a THIRD monitor in any configuration i have. (Though only 1 graphics card right now.)

    As audio and Video editing long term are in my future. (Podcasting and Streaming more than music creation)

    What would be your suggestions on desks and chairs?

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