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  1. To be perfectly honest though, it would be very nice if they would give the database for ye olde unmod to someone for record purposes, if not to have it all placed on .org as an archive things that have passed. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen, to be perfectly honest.
  2. This song brings back memories. I'd play all three Mute City tracks just to hear it's absolutely awesome song over and over again. It's undeniably one of the most catchy and upbeat tunes from the SNES era. and it still survives even today with it's capability to be used in so many musical styles and retain it's power. This mix is definitely no exception. It really feels powerful and jagged, almost elegant at points. The transition between instruments and the melodic structure are very complex and well put together throughout.
  3. I won't mince words, this reminds me HEAVILY of the music from a very under-appreciated game called Fury3. Especially in the heavy, drum-like sounds and strange hiss sound used throughout. That brings back memories of annihilating the final planet and flying through steel canyons and crazy tunnels. Needless to say, I absolutely love this mix, because it really hits a nostalgic point for me because of it's incredible style. I would very much like to hear another mix like this. Excellent work.
  4. I have a question. what about the song "World Revolution"? is that going to be done as well? just wondering, since it is my favorite song and all. (not that it matters though.)
  5. I say you should enter the next American Idol. You'd have my vote! this song enough is proof!
  6. This sounds awesome! now all we need is an orchestral arrangement of World Revolution, then I'd be happy.
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