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  1. here goes ooh baby come to papa AHAHHAAHhAHAA
  2. how to make sure your sticky thread ....(tehres a joke somewhere) doesnt get deleted
  3. something with Duo Maxwell or all the Deathscythe variants with SCYTHE in the background that would be cool EDIT please... it was an oversight sorry
  4. was that cauldron reference a joke? cuz its for asterix... and ifyou dont know i aint tell in ya but i thought it was funny nonetheless
  5. besides that has nothing to do with this song at all, which is great by the way ( i hummed the chorus last nite while i was trying to get to sleep) i dont know if it was said anywhere but it MEANS lazy person regardless of skin color... just like fagot... you know what a fagot(or faggot) is? ita a bundle of sticks or branches, as used for fuel OR pieces of wrought iron or steel to be worked into bars... just do a bit of research before posting
  6. id like to hear more of zykos talents...hes got more goin for him than a lot of rappers ive heard.... course they dont do anything in relation to videogames.... the section from 3:14 thru 3:21. is great i like it and its stuck in my head.... id like to hear more of his work
  7. its awesome... i mean the mix of singing and the rapping...i was a bit put off to hear that before listening to it, but i listen to it.. it reminded me heavily of the gorillaz and i thought it worked well in there, id like to hear more collaborative ideas from the 3
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