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  1. Classic Metroid. This will end up in my regulars folder. Thank you!
  2. This is one of my DSoP favorites, reminiscent of Mark Snow's X-Files work.
  3. Amazing! Inspiring! Great work, as expected. Please expand your retinue to Memento Mori!
  4. I agree with Millman. This is cinematic in quality; a pure pleasure for the Castlevania fan. I disagree with Millman about being removed from the Castlevania aura. I personally found myself thinking about the creature of chaos that is the castle, and how the lost souls who call it home continue to roam the halls, perhaps unaware of their true nature and unable to let go of the force that kept them vibrant in life. I sense great sadness in this piece; regret for a time long since past and haunting of a ancient space for want of it. 10/10
  5. I downloaded this remix before I actually played Final Doom (I was firmly addicted to Diablo 1 when it came out), so I was simply hoping that it would have a Doom feel to it. Well it sure does, and it quickly became one of my favorites. The Spider Mastermind sound effect is still creepy everytime I hear it. I've since played through Final Doom (with jDoom) and I can say this is a huge improvement on the original track!
  6. This is an excellent remix of my all-time favorite piece of VG music: Doom E1M5. I was very happy to find it and it was very quickly ripped to CD so that I could listen to it in my car. It's quite appropriate as I arrive for work on a quiet city street before sunrise. As others have mentioned it is indeed quite cinematic in nature and it inspires scenes of a movie. Too bad it looks like Hollywood is going to screw up the one they are making.
  7. Normally I only download remixes from games I've played myself, so at first I avoided this one. Then it occured to me that I'd watched my roommate play the majority of Metroid Prime last year and that I'd probably remember the music. This captures the mood of the game well. If one mark of a successful remix is that it makes you want to go play the game, I'd say this meets it.
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