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  1. Meh...I don't see anything interesting or progressive about this piece. A lot of people have a tendency to call a rock song over five minutes long with keyboards "prog rock," but progressive rock is about a lot more than keyboards and longer songs. This is just cheese rock. I can't get into this song at all. It is neither dramatic and compelling nor fun and exciting. It's just there, like a grey blob. I can get past lousy samples, as I listen to videogame music and used to use Cakewalk Express all the time, but more attention needs to be paid to arranging the songs into something compelling and coherent instead of slapping them together, which is what this song sounds like to me.
  2. Thia song just kicks ass. The best remixes take an already awesome song and turn it into something even better, which is exactly what this does. The sound quality is just excellent, but we're talking about a professional composer here, so I guess it's no surprise. Anyway, the song progresses very nicely. It takes its time to build up, and the progression from :25-40 was exceptionally well done; the dynamics in this section were perfect. The next section that really struck me was 1:06-1:45, as it builds up with a lot of intensity and power. The only thing I'm not fond of with this song is when the piano plays the lead. Thankfully, it's a pretty short section, but the piano just doesn't sound right carrying the lead. Besides that, there's nothing else to criticize. The song could have been longer (you always want good songs to last longer), but it's no problem since the conclusion is definitely climactic and satisfying enough. So yeah, this song rocks. It's good to see someone who composes game music give the fan community such a great song.
  3. I think so... Anyway, this entire song is superb. There's so much diversity and energy to it. I absolutely love it, and I can listen to it on repeat for a good long while. Great stuff.
  4. I got the same exact feeling with this song. Anyway, it's a great song Pancake, and I love your other stuff too. Keep up the great work.
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