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  1. I never saw that... oh well, regardless, I prefer the original CD's. =)
  2. Comes out to about $0.72 per track (there's 28 tracks). That seems more than fair to me, especially given the quality of the music. However, I prefer the physical CD, since I have no idea what bitrate CDbaby distributes at, and I can encode to whatever lossy format I please.
  3. Got this e-mail from CDbaby letting me know of this: http://cdbaby.com/cd/esposthumus3 Needless to say, I already placed my order! Just a heads-up for E.S. Posthumus fans out there!
  4. What do you guys think? http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/bjoerks-volta-debut-introduces-a-new-electronical-music-instrument-reactabl
  5. now watch someone go remix Wind Waker music to sound like this... hahaha
  6. I must have more music that combines metal with Andes flutes or something like that... http://www.sendspace.com/file/9axp0e
  7. Rest peacefully, Reuben. We never spoke but, for some reason, as I listen to your music just now, I feel as if I knew you.
  8. I'd say go for a DFI Lanparty Series motherboard. Very reliable brand, I did tons of research before I decided on getting one two years ago. There's various options within the Lanparty series, dependign on what you want/need. Look here for starters: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Description=dfi+lanparty&x=0&y=0
  9. This is another nice little online place where I buy my hardware stuff: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Home.jsp I built my own pc two years ago with pieces from newegg and zipzoomfly. Sometimes newegg looks cheaper, but then you have to look at shipping and factor that in, because zipzoomfly tends to have almost everything with FREE SHIPPING. Also, it was the 1st computer I ever EVER built, but the guys here walked me thru some "fears" I had. It's not that hard, really. Actually, I find it fun. If I lived near you, I'd probably help you myself. That's how much I like putting them together.
  10. I got it for my b-day last November and played it once, never bothered to get past the first missions. I just didn't get interested enough in it. I never registered it nor played online. It is practically new. Has been sitting on my desk for months doing nothing. Anyone here want it? If not, I'm going eBay with this. I'm asking $30 shipped within continental U.S., preferably thru paypal. I have bought stuff on ebay and have received feedback: http://myworld.ebay.com/alejandrolikestobuy/ I also sold an FM transmitter to Edgecrusher, and he can testify to my good business transaction.
  11. With this demo, I'm sold! I'm definitely getting this upon release.
  12. If this is addressed to me, no, I'm not that person. Also, my torrent download is going slooooooooooow. I have less than 200MB. What the heck, man! Sadness...
  13. I am downloading it as we speak. Post your opinions here.
  14. As far as losing all your Firefox bookmarks, maybe that happened when Firefox updated (I know there was a recent update released this week or so). It's sometimes happened to me when Firefox updates... You should export your bookmarks so that you can just add them later on, in case this happens (makes a nice backup). If you don't know how to export your bookmarks, it is easy: On the menu tab on the firefox browser go to: Bookmarks - Organize Boomarks - File - Export. That's it! To import do the same, except select "Import" of course.
  15. give us some more info, like what software you are using...
  16. my bad, I just realized my horrible mistake.
  17. I have a stock chipset heatsink/fan set that came with the AMD Athlon X2 3800+ processor I bought about a year and a half ago. I didn't bother to check if it is compatible with your mobo, but if you can find whether it fits or not, I can ship it to you at no charge. Well, all you'd have to pay would be shipping, which shouldn't go higher than $10 at most, I guess. The reason why I never used it was because I had previously bought a Thermaltake copper heatsink for the pc I was putting together. Thus, I never used the stock heatsink that came with the AMD processor because I paid good money for the Thermaltake and wanted to use it. If you have doubts as to whether I am trustworthy, you can ask Edgecrusher. He recently bought something from me and was pleased with the transaction. Let me know, man! I have no use for this thing and it's just stored away in its original box.
  18. Hmmm, I was thinking about the various cut scenes, and I remember something peculiar about Zant's telling of how he gained his powers. In his flashback, Ganondorf is seen telling Zant that he (Ganondorf) will house his power in Zant. Ganondorf appears as a bodyless entity, a sort of "evil essence" just floating about. In other words, Zant becomes a vessel for Ganondorf. Now, throughout the game, Zant is very cold and calculating, even his manner of walking exudes an evil that is very self-assured and unintimidated by anything. His character is more akin to the Ganondorf we know. However, in his flashback, Zant is more of an insecure and even childish figure (stomping and hitting the floor for not getting his way, etc). In fact, even the last part of the fight with Zant, when he wields his two swords, Zant comes across as rather clownish and foolish, attributes that clash with the Zant that has been shown in all cut scenes prior to Link's arrival to Zant's castle in the Twilit Realm. This leads me to believe that Zant wasn't merely given powers, but that he was actually possessed, to a degree, by Ganondorf (hence the "I will house my power in you" remark). I say "to a degree" because there seems to have been some shared consciousness of a sort, not a total possession, but more of two souls coexisting in one body, with Ganondorf's having more influence, obviously, but Zant's not being dormant at all (hence the "your ambitions will be my ambitions" bit in the flashback). If this is true, then, at least to me, I get more sense when, right before the fight with Zant, Zant tells Link and Midna that they are too late because his god (Ganondorf) has already descended from the sky down to Hyrule (which implies that he took human form). Does this then explain Zelda's possession? Except in this case, it wasn't a shared consciousness, but a total posession. Now, the only reason Ganondorf managed to do this was because Zelda had passed her life on to Midna in order to save her. Zelda's body was of no use anymore, and Ganondorf took hold of this empty vessel (Can it be said then that Midna served as a vessel for a dormant Zelda?). During the fight with "puppet Zelda," Ganondorf is released, but by this time he has already gained enough power to materialize himself again (perhaps a stretch, but maybe the temporary possession of Zelda's body allowed him to access and channel Zelda's triforce power along with his own, and thus gain enough power to bring his true self back). What do you guys think of this?
  19. Another question related to this issue: as a general rule, when a site offers free storage space/hosting, is the storage size limit they provide the actual file size or the file size on disk (their disk space, in this case)?
  20. I happen to be one of those who thought Majora's Mask had the right amount of difficulty. I really enjoyed that game.
  21. Next Zelda game should have TIMED puzzles for seasoned veterans, bwahahaha!
  22. Frankly, I found even the puzzles easy (including the ice ones, both in Snowpeak Mountain ruins and the one in the hidden grotto). The only ONLY time I got stuck in the entire game (and for about half an hour at that) was on that puzzle to get the master sword. Even on my second playthrough I got stumped for a good while.
  23. Wow, very useful info here. Thanks.
  24. I am working on some very small images for a custom WPS (while playing screen) for Rockbox on my iriver. Anyway, the images have to be in bitmap format. Out of curiosity, I right-clicked on the folders to see "Properties" and saw the following: Size: 109KB Size on Disk: 780KB Contains: 195 files, 15 folders I right-clicked on another folder containing JPEG images, and the difference was very small, a fraction of the total, whereas with the bitmap-only folders the difference is 7 times or more. Why is there such a huge discrepancy between size and size on disk with bitmap files? Just something I'd like to understand.
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