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  1. Perhaps you could try searching for "drinking songs," which is what pirate songs tend to be like anyway.
  2. Oh man, that was the last room! Next time, turn to wolf form after clearing rooms, you can find rupees that way for your magic armor (there is one floor with a rupee worth 200).
  3. Zelda: Well, I guess we will see you again! We can always come back and hang out! Go shopping and stuff! Link: Yep. We can chill at your place or sometimes you can come to ours! It'll be cool! Midna: BANNED. HAHAHAHAHA
  4. Having a tough choice picking between the Senn PX-100 and the Senn HD-280? Hmmm, personally, I'd go the HD-280, simply because it is a well-built (both physically and acoustically) set of headphones that functions nicely both outdoors and indoors. After all, it is a set of closed cans, thus, it will block out ambient noise better than the open-backed PX-100. However, they are much bigger than the super portable PX-100. The PX-100 will not get many "funny looks" as opposed to wearing the bigger HD-280's. I don't care for such trivial matters though, sound is most important, but I know some people don't like to look semi-geeky with big headphones outside... That said, the PX-100 is a nice choice anyway within its price range. If I had money for either one, I'd go for the HD-280 for the reasons I said above, but you can't go wrong with the PX-100. As someone said though, beware eBay when it comes to headphone brands, ESPECIALLY Sennheiser. I've had many online friends who have been sent fake ones, especially imitations of the CX-300 (pretty good earbuds, I might add, though somewhat bassy at times -I'm not a basshead). All in all though, you do get more "bang-foryour-buck" out of the PX100 than you do out of the HD280. VERY IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER: it doesn't matter how good your headphones are if your source is crap. The order in which to upgrade should be as follows: (1) Source: SoundCard/DAP/MP3 Player/CD Player/Stereo System. Whichever of these you prefer, make sure it is the best you can afford without having your wallet cry. (2) Music Bitrate if at a compressed format (ignore this if you listen directly to CD's only): higher bitrates will enhance your listening experience, usually nothing lower than 192 kpbs when in mp3 format (which is the most common lossy format). Anything 225kbps and above is pretty much for perfection freaks, the 10% of the population who can tell the difference (rolls eyes). 128kbps is really crappy when compared to 192 (or even 160). I don't know why companies still use the 128kbps as the industry standard. It sucks, really. (3) Headphones: usually, open-back headphones sound better than closed, but there are some truly remarkable closed cans out there. Open-back will not block out ANY noise at all, closed will block to some extent. You can pick between supra-aural and circum-aural. There are also earbuds, which just sit in the outer part of your ear, and IEM's (In-Ear-Monitors), which go inside the ear canal for ultimate isolation. (4) Amplifier: Yes, some people use a portable amp between their source and their headphones, but this is only required when using high-impedance headphones (usually anything above, hmmm, 100ohms, just to be safe). None of the headphones mentioned in this thread so far NEED an amp, though some shine a little better. Depends who you ask. (5) Interconect cable: This is the connection between amp and source. Spending lots of money on this is just for audio freaks, really. People who spend $50 or more just to get an extra 1% in quality, and even then that is debatable. FREAKS....
  5. Hey, come to think of it, I really don't use it anymore because my car has a line-in. My old car didn't, so that's why I got the FM transmitter. I can sell it to you for like, $20. It usually goes for $40. PM me if you want to work this out. We can negotiate.
  6. Read up reviews on the one I recommended. You will be pleased.
  7. Get an iriver AFT-100 FM transmitter. I have one, works flawlessly. Couldn't ask for more. The sound quality is very good.
  8. I am right-handed. I remember archery lessons back in high school, and I used my left hand to hold the bow, and used my right hand to pull back the arrow and let 'er fly. So, it makes sense Link holds the bow with his right-hand and uses his left hand as the "trigger finger." Basically, your dominant hand is always your trigger finger when it comes to bows, slingshots, etc.
  9. I hear ya, those can become quite addictive.
  10. Right when I saw them, I KNEW the Ooccoos were based on Escher's painting "Other World." Seeing them walk in all sorts of directions in that dungeon confirmed it.
  11. Hmm, well, if I could make one, I would. Sadly, my talents don't lie in the area of music. Thanks for pointing me to those mixes. I didn't think this had already been done. Glad to have been proven wrong on that.
  12. The number of remixes that involve real vocals are rare on the site, and the few that do have vocals referencing the videogame on which they are based on. My question is, what if someone took a theme, made their own arrangement/remix, sang vocals, but the vocals had absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the game at all? The closest remix I can think of that somehow does this is "Niggaz 4 Life" (based on the game "Asteryx"). Even then, the lyrics still contain some content related to the game. What I am basically asking is, if someone takes, let's say, OOT's "Bolero of Fire" theme, then actually makes a nice mix laden with spanish vibes, and sings about, oh, growing up in Havana, Cuba or something... would this be allowed? Keep in mind that the videogame theme would still be discernable, not obscure. How would the judges respond to such a remix? How would the community take it? What do you guys think? If lyrical content has no limits (save for profanity, given that this site is meant to be kept as clean as possible), this would open up a new area of videogame remixes, no? I'd like to hear your opinions. EDIT: sorry if remixes like this exist already on OCR, but I haven't come across any.
  13. I have a question: Link from OOT came to be known as the "Hero of Time." Did any of the other Links come to be known as "Hero of _____"???
  14. The Redeads are becoming less lethal after each game... In OOT they could take like, what... four, five hearts from sucking on you? Also, what was the name of that mini-boss in OOT's shadow temple, the one with the arms that stuck out the floor and when they grabbed you, that freak would come up from the ground...? (anyone have a pic, I forgot what he looked like)
  15. Go play some Silent Hill. =D On a serious note, I can't comprehend what could trigger such a reaction from you. Are you that young still?
  16. No, you misread me. I meant literally roll into things with Link, as in, roll around the store and bump into the counter, fish tank, etc. The roll ball game, which you were referring to, becomes easier if you lay the wii on a flat surface. Try it, helps a lot! I'm still stuck on 1-8 though.
  17. Did anyone try to roll into things inside the fishing store at the fishing pond? =)
  18. If you have problems getting the wireless to work (you really shouldn't, it's super easy to set up), let me know. I know my way around this printer. Also, don't buy direct from HP. Search around for cheaper prices. Direct from HP is always more expensive. As far as ink goes, it uses two cartridges: tricolor, and black and white. There is an optional black/gray cartridge that you can use in place of the black one for more detail when it comes to printing photos, but I use normal black with the tricolor, and the picture is super nice and crisp. The detail is top-notch. It doesn't waste too much ink either. The printer supports both wireless b and wireless g, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  19. Between Zune and iPod: the Zune. Between Zune and Creative: Creative. The above recommendations are for hard-drive based players. If all you need is a flash-based player with 1-2 gigs, get a Sansa. Nice little players from that company.
  20. This is the one I have (well, this is a newer model, I have the 6800): http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/product_detail.do?storeName=storefronts&landing=&category=inkjets&orderflow=1&a1=Color+printing&v1=Color&a2=Networking&v2=Standard+%28built-in+wireless+802.11b%2Fg%29&product_code=C8972A%23B1H&catLevel=3 I got it precisely because I can have it anywhere in the house and all laptops and pc's can print from it (3 computers at my place). It's only a printer, no scanner or anything else. But damn that built-in wireless is sweet. It certainly solved my space problem!
  21. Well, I never got to do the "chance" so I dont even know what happens. I still beat him with strategically timed attacks. Took a while though...
  22. My strategy is to keep rolling behind them and do the spin attack. Also, in the very last boss fight, did anyone get to do the "chance"? Those who have reached the end know what I'm talking about. I never managed to activate it because I was too defensive.
  23. You realize this works better if they are acquainted with the games, right? Either get them acquainted with the games, and tell them they can play those tunes if they want to learn, or see what games they are playing/enjoy, and try to implement those tunes (if any) into the CD.
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