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    I like Amy's voice and, because of that, a friend pointed me to another band with a female as the main vocalist. It is a somewhat strange progression, since the musical styles are different, but I progressed from Evanescence to Nightwish. I had not even heard of it until a friend of mine recommended it. He lent me some CD's, I liked what I heard: a lot. Then, after having received much playback on my DAP, I gave Nightwish a break and moved back to Evanescence (among other stuff as well, of course). I cannot say one is better than the other, since the styles are clearly different, but you might enjoy Nightwish. The main vocalist has more of an opera style to her voice, but it works rather well, in my opinion. Check them out:
  2. How could that be mistaken as an Apocalyptica piece? It sounds nothing like them.
  3. I got an email from Amazon saying you can pre-order the new Windows OS: Vista. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/104-3946029-2057553?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=windows+vista&Go.x=0&Go.y=0&Go=Go Well, I'm not sure if I will bite just yet, but the prices aren't as terribly high as I expected them to be (for the upgrades, at least, the full versions are above what I'd want to spend, given the choice). Now, I have never upgraded an OS before, so what does that mean exactly, I lose rights to using the first install? For example, let's suppose I upgrade Windows XP Pro to Vista, can I make a second partition and reinstall Windows XP Pro on there? Well, anyway, the OS is scheduled for release on Jan 30. If anyone gets it, please post comments on whether it is worth it to get now or not here. Hmmm, I really don't know in what forum this belongs in. A moderator can move it accordingly, I suppose.
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    We're still on topic, no? My last post still mentioned Evanescence. The thread just has extra spices now. The main ingredient is still there. But just to reinforce the intended purpose: why isn't Tourniquet played on the radio? Is it because of its blatant religious overtones? I had never heard the song until I got my hands on the CD. It is clearly one of their superior songs.
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    I haven't heard their new stuff. Heck, I hardly listen to the radio anymore since I have my mp3 player with me. I'll take a look at those. Also, I forgot to say that I do like Evanescence as well. I was first exposed to them with their "Fallen" album, and was pleased with their first release, "Origins," which i listened to afterwards. Oh, one more thing. It is a totally different experience listening to music on your mp3 player than on the radio. Radio stations have some weird equalization going on, some lack bass, others exaggerate it... I can't really decide on the quality of an album unless I listen to it on my mp3 player during my personal time. I like picking out the different instruments, etc. Also, this is going off on a tangent, but I was very pleased with Ryan Star's rendition of R.E.M.'s "Losing my Religion" some time back. Here is the link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIDf9LoIYZ0 Here is the link to the original performed by R.E.M.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye2LoCaZKCY I like both versions. Unfortunately, Ryan Star's version is short, and there is no official release of his version, so I ended up ripping the music off of the youtube video to a WAV file, which I then converted to an MP3.
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    The problem I have with Metallica's recent efforts is that most of their recent music just becomes background work music to me. I don't jam to it like I was able to with their classic albums. I start listening to it, and then it fades into the background while I concentrate on something else. That doesn't happen when I go old-school with them.
  7. I bought a camcorder about a year ago, a Sony one to be exact, that uses three lenses, which provide superb quality when filming indoors. Many cameras fail in this department in my opinion, but then again, I am a quality freak. However, mine was close to $800, so that's above your range. Whatever camera you use, though, I suggest you stick to those that are miniDV (the little casettes). It will provide much better quality than those cameras that record directly to DVD-R's and also than those that record to internal hard drives, since you will have an uncompressed format that you can compress to whatever you wish later on. Those that record directly to DVD or a hard drive already compress what you are recording. Of course, if you use miniDV, it isn't as practical since you will have to make your DVD's yourself through some video software application. However, if you want practicality over quality, then buy those that burn DVDs directly or hard-drive based ones instead. Also, make sure the camera you buy can transfer via Firewire. I know all cameras can transfer via USB, but there is a slight loss in quality when using USB than when using Firewire. However, it is very likely that you will have to buy the Firewire cable separately. By the way, my camera is a Sony DCR HC90. The quality when filming indoors is astounding. As for battery capacity, at least with Sony camcorders, they sell higher-capacity ones. I have the stock battery and a supplemental battery that lasts around three hours (or was it four?). Anyhow, the battery will deplete faster if, while recording, you use the zoom frequently and do playback and all sorts of things. If you just set to record and just point-and-shoot, the batteries last much longer.
  8. http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/ I'm assuming you are in the USA, so this is for USA downloads. Anyway, the left column says to pick your product. There is something weird in there, because when you pick X-Fi, you don't get many results. However, if you pick Soundblaster in that first column, then you can pick X-Fi in the second column, and then you can pick your exact card in the third. Alternatively, you can do an automatic update in which their site detects your card and tells you if there are any driver updates available or software updates. That can be found here: http://www.creative.com/support/ Choose the "Software Autoupdate" link.
  9. Yeah, I changed my name so that this doesnt happen. Hopefully Arek will correct this on the list now.
  10. The controls feel kind of off when compared to the other Contra titles, and the top-down levels were downright awful. You'd be a lot better off with Hard Corps. I never had a problem with the controls. I am also playing it right now, thanks to this thread. Awesome game.
  11. Hey, Arek, can you put my name under MiamiGuy as well? I am his brother, so we have the same system.
  12. Hey guys, I sent my Mii over. It shows as "Alex." Just so you know...
  13. It can use the Gamecube memory cards for the Gamecube games (im stil not sure it those can be used for Wii games, haven't read that far, lol). But the main cards used are SD cards. My brother mentioned something to me about it having an internal 512mb storage for starters, so for your first games, you should be fine.
  14. Bahamut, can you please post some more info so we can help you out? I can see what's up if you provide the following info: Brand name of router: (so I can look up the manual and help you out -I have a Trendnet, so it will be different menus, but they all do the same thing). It took me about a minute or two to setup the Wii to connect to my network, and it connected a minute after "looking" for the router. Also, if your router does not have wireless capabilities, you need to get one or one of those USB adapters people have mentioned. Is there an existing network?: How many pc's connect to your router? If only one, most likely you don't have a network set up and instead have a direct connection to the internet. Your verizon username and password are NOT local network settings, but ISP settings (internet service provider). How far is the Wii from your router?: The signal might just not be strong enough or blocked by too many dense walls, etc. (this really shouldn't be the case, since most routers made nowadays provide decent coverage). Worse come to worse, we can just reset your router to default factory settings and start from scratch, writing down all the settings we make so we know what settings to place on all pc's connected to it, and the Wii of course. If you want, I can walk you through this via MSN messenger (sorry, I dont have IRC or anything else). Consequently, I have to go to a friend's home this evening to help him set up his wireless network. It's really not difficult at all once you understand the concept. It's like math: don't memorize how to solve a specific math problem, GET THE CONCEPT. Once you have that, you can do whatever you want.
  15. If I hadn't been told this was a video game theme remixed, I wouldn't have known! What a truly wonderful gem this is! I hadn't listened to this remix because I tend to only listen to games I have played, and this incredibly well-put arrangement has changed my opinion on that. This is just all-around goodness, folks! I feel like I'm in another country... in another era... This is what music is all about. Thanks for this remix! Edit: The lyrics are genius!
  16. I'd like to buy a medium shirt and a medium hoodie. Also, what will the color schemes be? Are the shirts "ringers"? Are there also "baseball" styles (I think those are the semi-long-sleeve ones).
  17. I own the Alessandro MS1 headphones, which are pretty much modified versions of the Grados (similar to the Grado 125 in sound). Well, I found out about Larry Dale, a man who mods headphones (casings, wire, etc). More importantly, he has produced a series of pads called "C-pads." These are divided into two subcategories: z-flats and z-bowls. I was thinking about ordering a pair of C-pads to convert my Alessandro's from Supra-aural to Circum-aural (just to block out some outside noise as well as for the added comfort and enhanced sound quality). I am leaning more towards the z-flat since, as Larry himself kindly answered me in an e-mail, the z-flat retains more of the original Grado sound, while the z-bowls produce more of a Sennheiser sound. My question is, anyone ever tried one of these mods? Here's the link: http://www.headphile.com/page16.html Thanks for the help.
  18. CotMM's Maridia reminds me very much of a soundtrack I bought recently. It is on a movie released a couple of years back, but I haven't seen it yet, so I cannot say how good the film is in itself. But I digress, if you liked this mix, you'll probably also like the soundtrack "REQUIEM FOR A DREAM". To the remixer: good job. I really enjoyed the feeling of it all. Truly ambient. Check out the soundtrack. Though a bit repetitive at times, it is very good at what it does. Who knows? Maybe it might inspire future remixes...
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