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  1. I R dancing the magical fairy dance of chainsaw based wepaons of mass destruction and pwnage.
  2. I apologize for being so rude, but I'm an incredibly lazy bastard. I read the topic asking for remixes/contest thingy, and the first page, and last page of this. where the hell can I get these?!?!?!?! sweet zombie jesus, I must listen!!!
  3. This is one of m favorie classical mixes to be had here, but I have to ask something. in the segment just after 2:10,and 4:10 I can swear that I'm hearing segments of the xenogeras Yggdrasil theme, the airhsip version. even if it isn't, it still capture that same feel, of boundless hope for the future. very good work my man, We love you!
  4. the technical term for the emotion this track inspires is as follows: WWWWWHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
  5. why does it bother you that the violin is 'out of tune'? isn't it possible that being 'in tune' is only a small part of the spectrum of sounds an instrument can make? If the Artist wants to use something unconventional, why shouldn't he? hell, isn't that half of what OCRemix is all about?
  6. yarr!!! i most certain;y enjoy this song. I rather like what you do with the bas around the 3:00 climax-ish area. also- in the post, when you said that you used pachelbel's canon as part of the background, do you mean Mozart's pachelbel's canon?
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