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  1. Tropical! I like. An excellent re-interpretation of a classic mix. I really dug the steel drums! Nice work.
  2. OMG talk about trippy! This one is stuffed full of trippitude *is that a word?*. I dig it completely. Excellent work!
  3. This is one of my favorites. Short yes but its oh so perfect! I can find anything wrong with it. Here's why. A. It's guitar B. Its in the classical style C. The underwater theme *which is basically the title screen theme* is a really underated Mario theme which just rocks. D. It's guitar. PERFECT!
  4. Compared to Gecko's fizzy version this one sorta falls flat. It is not without its charm though! The ranges of sound in this mix are a bit tamer than the outrageous collection of sounds used in Gecko's mix but it all works nicely. I dig the guitar and piano. All in all this is solid MCV work. Hes just on a different level than the rest of us!
  5. WOOOOHOOOO! This mix has a groove to it! Man this is some solid mixage. I love the SID usage. I always liked the sound that thing made and its used perfectly! I like how the sound is used in conjunction with the piano even though they have completely contrasting sounds and yet it seems to somehow work! I really dug the sound used for the main melody when it kicks in at :51. Very very nice trippy stuff. Keep em comin gecko!
  6. Now this is how its done! An excellent rockin peice. I love guitar mixes *thats why I learned to play the instrument!* and this is some killer stuff. Out of all the BGM in SF2 I always though Guiles mix was deserving of a rock/guitar remix. And here it is in all its glory. It's everything I could have hoped for! An excellent mix for an excellent mix!
  7. A very nice mix. It's quality techno youd expect from Rayza. One thing that I noticed about this peice was that it had a bit more of a darker feel to it than any of his other mixes that I've heard. That aside its a great track. Worth the download.
  8. Man oh man is this one of my favs! This mix is by far some of Mazedudes best work! I love the way the song just seems to slink to a start. Its pretty much sums up the laid back manner of the track. I really dug having piano in the back round. It added alot of grunt and bass to the peice. This mix is just oozing trippyness. Superlative work! This one is one I keep comin back for! *EDIT* I forgot to mention and compliment the title of the track. Not only does it do an excellent job of summing the track up. It just sounds fucking cool!
  9. A good track with a great flow to it. I didn't really care much for the intro but it does add a spacy feel to it so thats a plus. My fav. part is at 1:15 when the music from corneria kicks in. THIS IS HOW THE LEVEL SHOULD BE REMIXED. It's an absolutely perfect remix of that level's music. It's so intense and I like the bass beat too. My biggest qualm is that the mix looses its steam around 2:33 and the track seems to just drone on. The piano work is excellent but I think I preffer Space Cowboys by bLiNd. All in all it's a great track with excellent production. Could you expect anything less from The Wingless? I think not.
  10. Very nice. This stands well with Meteorave as some quality mixage. I think comparing this mix to Metorave takes away from this mix's charms. Nice ambient and above all trancy. Good work!
  11. Wow this mix hit me like a ton of bricks. I've got the scars and broken bones to prove it! My injuries aside this mix is really nice. Not only are the range of sounds uber trippy the beat is downright crazy! This is blind at his best! I really enjoy the mix at 2:56 when the audio just starts fadin in and out very very trippy! Excellent shit man!
  12. Wow now this is mixage at it's very best! I'm not too crazy bout the flute. I never cared for the flute but it still sounds pretty cool in this mix. I really love the harp at the intro of the mix. Very trancy and nice. This is some good shit!
  13. It's a good mix. Im not too crazy bout flute by I do like the way his string section sounds in this mix. Its an odd but excellent mix of musical styles. Classical/dance I never woulda guessed. Nice work.
  14. YES! My favorite track in the Sonic 3 soundtrack remixed by MCV himself , could it be any better! This is an excellent track with a really good salsa/latin feel too it. I really dig the piano in this mix. The flute solo is cool but the piano just sounds so bad ass. Good work MCV you are a god!
  15. In it's own right it's a solid mix. Beatdrop really knows what he's doin. I enjoyed the sounds and beat , but it did feel like somethin sleazy that would be played in a strip club. I dunno that kinda felt weird to me. I prefer Malcos's mix but this one still stands well on its own 2 feet.Good sleazy stuff.
  16. Its good. I really like the creepy feel this mix exudes. Good work Malcos.
  17. Great track. My only qualm is the slow begining , but it does build nicely to the :40 mark when the piano kicks in. Very nice tone to it.I like the change of pace at 1:13 too. Good stuff from Darke!
  18. This is the 2nd of Analoqs track's that I downloaded. The 1st being his spectacular Sonik Azure mix. When I first heard it I thought it was good but easy to pass by. I didn't listen to it much after that. Luckily one night after some hard "partyin" I came home blitzed and decided to listen to music before I went to bed. This track somehow found its way onto a cd I burned. After that I really loved the track. It's just oozing greatness. It has a real liquid feel to it. I think the mix really hits it's stride at 1:30 and after that its pure gold! Solid solid solid trippy stuff! Worth the download. Excellent job Analoq!
  19. Wow this is a nice mix. I'd never heard the music of Sonic Crackers (still can find the rom.). But after listenin to this mix I downloaded the GYM set from Zophar's Domain and compared it to the original track. Its really great. I wasn't too crazy bout the cutesy sounding intro. Actually when I was listening to it with a friend once he looked at me and said WTF is this? I told him to wait because it gets alot better. And it did! I love the change of pace it takes at 2:22 very very very trippy! Malcos is quickly becoming one of my favorite mixers. Good shit man!
  20. A great ambient track. This is the kind of music I could relax to. It really has an eastern flare to it and takes MCV's stuff into a different direction. It's not my favorite peice per se. It's good but it just lacks that memorable feel to it. As you would expect from MCV's ambient tracks this one is really layered. Theres alot going on in this mix. Overall its a good enjoyable peice.
  21. This track is an excellent example of Malcos at his best. I love the percussive instensity of the track. It moves so fast! Compared to Rayza's mix its on the other side of the spectrum. This is an all out percussive brawl. And my ears enjoy the beating! Good stuff Malcos!
  22. Man oh man this is nice. I dig how ambient and moody this track is. It feels like your in some damp cave or somethin. Of course the beats are great. The track has an excellent flow to it. It's great stuff.
  23. The title is what caught me eye. But this peice is more than a pretty name! It's a really great ambient and moody track. I really dig the howling wolf around 1:40 it adds a great sense of vast loneliness to the track. Great work mp!
  24. Isn't it great when guys who you expect to be techno only mixers throw you a complete curve? Much like Rayza and his Sonic and Knuckles mix this one catches ya off gaurd. It's a great mix. It was a bit too up beat for me at 1st but the mix finds a nice groove to settle into. And the funk bass solo. My god what a stroke of brilliance!I turn the volume up every time it comes on. Really excellent stuff. How does he do it?
  25. Wow this peice is brutal! Its so damn good! It's full of so much energy. When I first heard the song it was like it kicked the shit outta my ear drums and left them begging for more. Really great trippy techno. Could you expect anything less from Zwitra? Kudos man you put together a slammin peice.
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