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  1. This was my first remix I got from this site, and to this day, I still love it. It definitely brings back memories of me playing this game way back when, as the original song was my favorite in the game. Nice work!
  2. Actually, it did. When you rescue Zelda, and the maidens. Anyway, I love this remix. It brings back so many memories of playing Link to the Past way back then... It's definitely suitable for a peaceful town, but for some reason, this song reminds me of an indoor pool in a hotel I went to a long time ago... It played this kind of music. Anyway, highly recommended.
  3. I have never played this game before, so I don't know the original, but even so, I still recommend this, as even though it is short, I still think this is a very cool song nevertheless. The waves near the beginning definitely give the song the ocean like atmosphere. However, for some reason, it reminds me of the Wild West, instead of the ocean... Recommended.
  4. Yep, I was the one who requested this. And I must say, that it was definitely remixed correctly. Very nice work.
  5. Goofy is definitely the word to describe this remix. When I first listened to it, however, I was kind of disappointed in it, but once it hit the vocals, then I knew this remix is really high quality. Very catchy, feel-good stuff here. You should check it out if you need some cheering up. And for some reason, I just cannot stop listening to this. When a song does that to you, you know it's worth checking out.
  6. This is, without a doubt, my all time favorite remix on the site. It's just so fun, I must've listened to it over fifty times. I LOVE IT!!
  7. It's very nice to finally hear some Metropolis Zone coverage. Great stuff here.
  8. It's awesome. I love this remix. It could've used Guile's "Sonic Boom!" voice sample though.
  9. Whoa. NICE REMIX! But seriously, this is really good... I remember having a lot of fun with this game back in the pre-N64 days, but this tune doesn't really ring a bell... Either way, great remix. Something you can really groove along to.
  10. Well, it's pretty good, but what is up with that sample? It doesn't suit the remix, song, or game at all... Still, nice work.
  11. Very good, but it just needs some actual drums, and not just a 'thump' in the background.
  12. Aw man, I wanted to remix this! Ah well... I don't even have the equipment to anyway... Still, great remix. I've always been a fan of techno, and I think the Columns theme fits well in that category, even though it doesn't sound at all like a techno song in the game. Speaking of the game, Columns an extremely addictive puzzle game... It's probably the only game my parents loved.
  13. YAY! Plok! I always loved this game, this remix is great too!
  14. I was waiting for someone to remix this song, and I like this one a lot. Very fun to listen to, but I do prefer BenCousin's previous remix.
  15. The tune is a tiny bit off, but other than that, it's GREAT! Once the beat kicks in, the remix is truly amazing.
  16. The Gerudo theme is getting all the credit! But that doesn't mean any of the remixes are bad. In fact, this one is very good... probably my favorite Gerudo Valley theme. I do agree that it's not extremely imaginative, but I still think it's great.
  17. Nah, I disagree. I like this mix. Very fun to listen to.
  18. I really like this one. Though it does not suit the game at ALL, it is really cool. Very Funky!
  19. Great remix. Truly funk-ay! I do prefer Scott's Tailcave remix a tiny bit better, but this one is still great.
  20. Despite the misspelling, I love this remix. So mystical and beautiful. It really draws you in, but it all seems to go by too quickly. All of McVaffe's work seems to be amazing, however, and this one is no exception.
  21. BWAHAHAHA!!! The first time I heard this mix, I was disgusted. Now that I've listened to it more, I find it hilarious, hyper fun. Good thing to listen to if you are in a very crazy mood. The great thing about this remix is that you will want to listen to it over and over and over once you get it into it.
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