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  1. just caus I was wondering, I whipped up a sig two days ago and just went with it. What does everyone think? I'm happy to finally have some more identity on the site. Plus, when I checked it ot see how it looked, I just clicked "preview" until I got it right. and, If I post just to see how it looks, you can edit the post and change it to fix whatever problem you had instead of reposting.
  2. Anyone familiar with the Akira soundtrack? the song called "Doll's Symphony" and other similar Akira songs remind me of the intro here, with the freaky children's choir.
  3. The beginning reminded me of a Yanni song (not as an insult), but as it continued on, it definitely took a life of it's own. The dynamics and the details is very refreshing and believable. Good job.
  4. Very nice. I love the deep, serious orchestral details and overall approach you took to this remix. Just by my asking, was your title inspired by my Forum topic on PPR "Everything is Nothing"? Just wondering, they seem related. Awesome music though, truly. tasty violin.
  5. I introduced myself in the general forums . . . check it out there instead. sorry, still learning my way around here.
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