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  1. Until I physically watch you create a remix I'm not going to believe that you don't have an orchestra sitting in your room. There are way too many instruments to count here but they all flow together so wonderfully. I don't even know if I can say that there were distinct transitions in this song because by the time you realize that everything has changed you're already sonically enveloped by the new material. The section starting at 3:19 was especially fun! No more Pheonix!? No way man. Complicated, clean, commanding wonderful.
  2. Man, that harp is nice and the delayed drums are truly slick (rim shot's a little weak but meh). I love the intro. You could've let that go for another minute and I wouldn't have been upset. It's really cool that the feel of the original is still completely intact even though you've never played the game *shakes head*. Great stuff here.
  3. Sweet. The guitar work takes it and really brings to life what I think we all had playing in our heads while listening to the NES soundtrack. That intro is awesome. Great work.
  4. ah oui monsieur Nazgul, tres bon! Tres bon. Gotta dig that industrial percussion and that panning pan-o-rama starting at 2:33 rocks. Very clean mix for how dirty it is Goos stuff.
  5. Forget about the beautiful drums and the main synth line that effortlessly glides from octave to octave, what's that crazy time signature!? Alternating 5/8,6/8!? Whatever it is, its nice, and IMO really difficult to get a hold of from a remixing perspective. This has been in the rotation for a while and will stay there. Great work Mazedude.
  6. Wow. That really rocked. So many different vibes from this song that would each be amazing on their own. That intro is really something to get excited about. I've been waiting for this to get posted for a while and I tried to guess what song it was a remix of. 'On The Day The World Changed', hmm. I thought of the Prophesy flight theme, or the Mana Beast fight theme but when 'I heard Into the Thick of It' as the intro (one of my favorite tunes from the game) I just had to smile. And it just kept rolling! That bass rocks! I absolutely loved the third section; the remix of 'Mystic Invasion'. A jazz power-ballad to be proud of for sure. Beautiful piano, beautiful guitar. Someone should make an entire mix out of that section. But each section seriously jammed and multitudes of props to Marc-André Gingras for that jaw dropping guitar solo. In fact, props all around! Thanks for putting yet another Seiken Densetsu title on the front page you all. Three at the same time! Someone needs to get a Secret of Mana project going
  7. One drum loop is pretty hard to pull off if you ask me but like mDuo13 said, the loop is good. It sits nicely with the other instruments and although it definitely serves its purpose, it does not detract from or carry the mix. The driving repetition of not just the drum loop but the other melodic elements (esp. the simple and effective bass line) really does a good job of underscoring the subtle variations and solos that appear at opportune points in the song to keep everything feeling fresh and engaging. My favorite element is certainly the violin. Its a nice sample made even more beautiful by the reverb/cross-delay work. The delay timing on the 'flute' sounds a little off in places but that doesn't lose too many cool points. Overall, really great stuff and yeah, congrats on your first OCRemix.
  8. I have a few crowd samples from a soundfont that I found somewhere that are ok. You'll have to loop them because they are relatively short. I could send the soundfont which alreay has the looping also if that would be better. I would also check findsounds.com. Sometimes they have just what I'm looking for.
  9. Way too fun. Great piano and just a really fun vibe throughout. Those fun vocal breaks are nice and don't get me started about the oboe deal at 2:24. That synth that we first get introduced to at :37 starts out innocent enough but it really picks up and you have a lot of fun with it ESPECIALLY with the fun solo starting at 3:12. Really fun to jam to. Quality stuff. fun.
  10. Birds and Guitar. Can't beat that with a ten foot pole. Very clean and very enjoyable.
  11. Wow, can't believe I haven't already posted a comment here but this is the remix that first brought me to OCR. I'm hella biased because SoM is my favorite game EVER but this mix really is great. That percussion is something that I aspire to and the songs that were combined to make this mix flow effortlessly together. Whenever I'm feeling uninspired I look to the Flava first and I haven't been let down yet. Thanks McVaffe.
  12. Thanks Gray, the .mp3 sounds great and should work just fine. For anyone else interested, there are some nice windchimes in the Roland Orchestral Percussion soundfont on the site that Gray posted a while ago: guraydere.com. They sound good but they are already preprocessed with some reverb and panning.
  13. The percussion sounds like Timpani drums and cymbals. Orchestral is not exactly my forte so I can't be too specific but there are some decent timpanis in the Squidfont Orchestral soundfont on Darkesword's soundfont site. Those drums are common enough that you can probably find some good free ones in the percussive or drumkit section of Hammersound also.
  14. All of the good stuff that's already been said is well deserved. Mad guitar skills man but what really took everything is the drum work. Some of that stuff is truly inspired and it sounds like a lot of hard work went into the very fine details. The yell at 2:48 followed by the hard core power chords is absolutely my favorite part of the mix. This one has been number one on my playlist since its later WIP stages. What else to say. Congrats on creating a classic.
  15. I have no idea how you do it analoq. Your stuff always sounds so simple and catchy **hums a little of dolilop do wop**. Again, this one isn't complicated with off-the-wall crazy effects or 1000 different samples and it still is amazingly cool. Love the opening piano...love it.
  16. Yeah, belltrees. Hopefully I wouldn't have to slow it down too much. I just rememebred where I heard a really great one on OCR and coincidentally its GrayLightning's Return of the Pheonix mix. Right at the beginning are some beautiful chimes. A free sample would be great but I'd be willing to pay for one if I could be pointed in a good direction.
  17. Thanks also GrayLightning. These will definitely come in handy. Also, I'm looking for a nice slow bar chimes sound. Not like a single chromatic bell but the kind that percussionists have with their drum kits that sound like wind chimes. The slower the better. I've found some samples but they are really poor quality and I want this sample to be able to stand essentially on its own in the song. Thanks!
  18. Sweet intro and man those drum samples are perfect! That reverbed-out break at 1:07 was really inspired but I didn't have time to think about how cool it was before 1:15 kicked everything into high gear. I liked the length as well...always leave the audience wanting more. This mix is a really fun ride. Great work.
  19. The tone of that piano is really wonderful. I'm listening to it now and it's the beautifully soulful heart of amazing orchestral work. Bravo Blad and Gray.
  20. What is it about that beat that keeps me coming back to this mix time and time again? Its been at the top of my rotation since it was posted. Great work Marc.