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  1. By default, the sound sin the beginning drew my attention. It was the familiar sound of metronome, I believe. And then some one shifted in their seat. I was thinking that I was about to hear some sweet instrumentals. I must admit the sounds of the starting melody strings made me start a happy smirk. This was sounding good, already. And then that solo violin overpowered the white noise of my room. From then on, it was all downhill. Every twist and turn of the original tune made me grin with ideas of how to portray characters in verse and prose, each one more depressing than the next. The variations were a lovely desert. Regardless of a few tuning problems, this is among my top tracks to listen to late into the night.
  2. I played Donkey Kong Country for a long time growing up. The levels featuring the original music were the most breathtaking to me. But later on, the music didn't have enough bite when the levels grew difficult. This music expresses so much more than even the scenery could. It helps me imagine myself in my own wintery world, a world much more terrifying than a twelve-button nightmare. The trance effects were beautifully timed, the instruments were carefully chosen for their parts, and the rhythm never slipped once. This is a keeper for sure.
  3. Is that fine? WHOA! Beautiful! I can hardly wait to put that in my own photobucket album. Thank you so much. I might start remixing Freya's theme just looking at this. I was about to look for pictures... But it would have been in vain. Already saved it to my hard drive.
  4. I was thinking of Freya in the setting of Burmecia (FFIX). That's a sig I'd treasure...
  5. Call me Tater or Chips for short if you want to. Even monster will do, just watch out after you call me that particularly latter name. I am known on many other communities by many other names, but one common thing I am universally known for is a lack of sanity and a therewith inconsistant obsession over order rather than chaos. I remember when I gave up searching for the best game music community on the web, and when I gave up searching for ways to remix music because I knew of none other than Anvil. Earlier, on old friend from GamingW provided me with a link to play in Winamp, but no details about the source of this streaming media. It really T-Oed me because I loved the remixes and wanted to get to their rich source. Here I am now. I found everything I gave up looking for. I am a writer and an overactive roleplayer. Now I hope to do morw with music than hum it and sing it by remixing, extending my talents so they can feed off of each other as I always dreamed of doing. Enough with the drama. I'm just happy to be here.
  6. It began with a piano, searching for something. It searched until it found a familiar tune, and walked around it, admiring it, with violens singing their menlancholy tune, passing the Piano by with heavy hearts. The cellos than came, feeling a grateful sense of closure and admiring the Piano's optimism. They sang of the good that came with their trials. The Piano than said something serious, and the cellos sang one last long note. Just the beginning of this wonderful remix surprised me, but when I thought things would get no better, thay did. The original tune came into focus in an oriental orchestra, and the piano came back with a beautiful melody. The soundtrack opened up to a broader range of instruments, varying their involvement to create different harmonies, different emotions, until the suspenseful moment in which I felt as if I had climbed my way to Cosmo Canyon and wished that I was still ascending into the sky itself. Needless to say, it is already added to my gallery of worshipped music tracks.
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