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  1. in this remix, i loved the beat and listened to it in the middle, it sorta got slow for my brain and i feel half asleep, still listening to it but not paying much attention to it... then when im about to delete it, the very essence of the song was still in my head and i loved it... now this may not make much sense.. but it was awesome.. lol well anyways good remix keep it up
  2. megaman 6 was the first megaman game i played and i loved the raw tracks of all the songs... once i heard some nice zelda 64 OC ReMixes, i went straight to megaman 6 to check em out. i only saw flame man (which has a good raw track), listened, and loved... the beats sorta weak... but after getting used to it, and listening to so many hardcore stronger songs, it was a nice setback to listen to... i love the beat change at around 2:55 and the vocals freaking RULE!!!!!! the pause at the end, omg, at first, i was like wtf.. then i hear HIGHER! and im like ?? and then it busts out again, it was tiiiiite! i love this remix, it was well done and definately one of the better ones. and once i got used to the pause at the end, the suspense it adds is great!
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