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  1. what did you use to make this? just outta curiosity... GREAT work though! (mv is good at life)
  2. do you guys generally try to recreate the song before trying to create a remix of it?
  3. i didnt know this website was full of sissies... haha jkjk if that were true, i would be one too =/ haha uhhh for me, Dragon Roost Island -Zelda Wind Waker Credits - Super Mario 64
  4. I was thinking of making a Dragon Roost Island remix... and then i came across this live performance on youtube that just owned me: thought i'd share the wealth
  5. i like your idea of trying a completely new song... will keep an eye on this thread
  6. It's good, I just think i have an issue with the drum quality, but other than that its a nice take on the theme
  7. a funky piece, the ending had a completely different feel to the rest of the song which i dont know how to feel about... but with the beginning piano solo, and the drum synth that comes in.. was so beautiful, i was doubtful at first (was reading the evaluation while listening) but the drums gave it such a jungle feel it was jizztastic
  8. I think there's a lot of finishing touches that could be added to this song, but please keep working with this... we could use more dire dire docks interpretations
  9. i wanna play!!! i love peach because now i dont have to feel cheap with the down smash... LOW TIER FTW!!!!! =)
  10. whhaaaat?! mcvaffe is a girl?! props!!! i know exactly what djp meant when he said that this song keeps the original feel of the song, and adds on to it on top of that. this is beautiful.. kinda reminds me of a diddy kong racing song haha
  11. I think the Nintendo DS is one of the greatest things thats happened to me in my life (and also one of the most frustrating) I didnt think The World Ends With You was THAT easy, I thought the bosses put up a great fight (and a long one too sometimes in harder difficulties) but yeah, maybe youre just talented? haha I played a bunch of retro games lately and I loved Rune Factory... and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (GREAT games imo)
  12. play is spacebar if thats what youre asking O_o" im sure there are shortcuts secretly lying around... if i find any i'll let you know =P
  13. I, too, heard that Gray possibly may not even have been a real person, but a musical spirit within the forum, inspiring us with the arts of the other world...
  14. ugh im so jealous of your soloing skills... rockin song chth
  15. Incronaut

    Diablo III

    i have to go change my pants...
  16. this may be a silly question, but where would the tournament take place? VC or emulator or someone's house or what? sorry...
  17. only cause im a slight organization freak now: http://midishrine.com/midi/24486.mid http://midishrine.com/midi/24487.mid http://midishrine.com/midi/24488.mid - Dust in the Wind by Kansas http://midishrine.com/midi/24489.mid http://midishrine.com/midi/24490.mid - The Play(?) - FF7 http://midishrine.com/midi/24491.mid - Sky Shark(NES)(????) http://midishrine.com/midi/24492.mid - Magician's Tower - FF2(NES) http://midishrine.com/midi/24493.mid - Hollow Bastion - Kingdom Hearts
  18. i played this game on my roommates' computer, and fell in love with it, then i tried to play it on my computer (dell inspiron e1405) only to realize that it phailz =( its most likely my GREAT intel chipset pro 945gm integrated video card woohoo
  19. Sorry for asking all these FL noob questions, but how do you make a pattern fade in, fade out, crescendo, decrescendo and all that sorts?
  20. where on this thread might i find some jazzy instruments? (sax, piano, drums, bass, etc)
  21. Ive been looking at the big timers around here in OCR and with all their remixes that they have out, and i noticed that some of them were able to spew out remixes in matters of weeks, while, yes i am quite new to this so im not expecting much, im taking months just to do this one mix... im just wondering if it just comes that naturally/easily to some people to hear the tune, replicate and elaborate... cause if so, i wanna be that good one day
  22. considering cody said "nes" i tihnk he misread what you were trying to say schwaltz.. oh well i would have to say Super Mario RPG is amazing, earthbound is... interesting, i always get to fourside and then get somewhat frustrated for some reason... secret of mana i would say is amazing... lufia ii i would say is one of the most underrated games ever cause its so awesome too ZSNES.
  23. just wondering, how do you connect a guitar hero guitar to your computer to run max msp, or i missing something here? edit: ah, xbox uses usb... gotta get me one of those xbox things
  24. BROWSER WAR!!!!! jk i never even thought of using opera on my compy (hits head slightly) will do now
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