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  1. thanks a lot zeph! it was also hiding in my drum loop for some reaseon =(
  2. For me, I'm trying to get bigger, but its not working out so great... im currently 130lbs, but i think my workout plan isnt the right one for me... i try to do 3 sets of weights, and then move on, but i tihnk im changing it to two sets of soemthing a lot heavier, so i'll get my body used to the heavier weights
  3. So i uploaded a midi onto my FL project.. and the midi tempo is 120, and somehow by doing that, whenever a reach a part of my REAL song (without any the midis patterns involved at all) the tempo switches from my originial 114 to 120 and i dont know what to do =(
  4. Hey, im looking for that one, once again, gradual cymbal sound... you know, it starts off really quiet, and then it kinda finales with a crash... yeah, just wondering what its called and stuff thanks a lot!
  5. in your guys' opinions, is this game more enjoyable playing with "real friends" or with people you just meet up online?
  6. hey, so i rolled a character... name is testedcoals how do i get connected with you guys? i dont think any officers are on right now..
  7. hey, im interested in joining this guild! =) im a new player =(, am using a friends' acc who has TBC, but im not sure if he's getting wrath, so i might not be able to level-80 raid with you guys, which would be *lame* for me... but in any case, i love OCR, and would love to be part of this =)
  8. 1. I knew about some of them, others i just never bothered to look at... but i should haha 2. personally, probably what they liked about it, what they didnt like (in terms of arrangement, production, etc), and how they felt overall and what could be changed 3. First if i know the sourcetune, i almost always check it out. Second, if its popular, i check it out too. and 3rd if i kno the remixer somehow 4. No ideas at this time, but if I do, i'll be sure to post it up 5. Sometimes, some people who submitted a song on WIP got no feedback, so if theres someway to make sure that doesnt happen (he was like in the 2nd or 3rd page) thatd be great. otherwise i like it quite a bit.
  9. omg can you just give them to brushfire already? thx.. lol jk, it was just funny how he wasa just like "i want them!" and everyone else is like "i wonder if theres anyone out there that wants them..?" until i read that he was being PM'd
  10. do you dance hardcore while you study? cause this song has too much energy for me to concentrate haha but then again maybe thats how you roll, (LOL GET IT?!) sorry, but yeah, i love this mix, any trance song always give me the implication that its gonna be "simple" but once again i was proven wrong with this song. GREAT stuff
  11. well i mean, it works when i use FL keys or something, but just not phil.. i tihkn its my VST not cooperating with me... its all good though, it was a simple patter, thanks a lot guys!
  12. nintendo should just make a giant update in brawl: include banjo-kazooie, and put in all the cool stuff in again like wavedashing and l-cancelling oh and getting rid of tripping would be great too
  13. So I inputted a midi onto my FL project, but then when i tried to convert the midi sound to an audio one (philharmonik in my case) everything looked fine, but none of the notes would make its corresponding sound... so i assume i have to convert the notes somehow, and i'd prefer not to have to redo every single note unless i absolutely have to
  14. thanks a lot zeph for your explanation... i tihnk i understood most of it, i'll probably read over it again to make sure haha... but you were saying that FL studio works mainly with midi, what DAWs work mainly with audio (i'd like to research some of these)...
  15. So ive been reading on threads the power of midi files and the wonderful things theyre capable of... however, acquiring the midi itself isnt an issue, but once i obtain it, i dont know what to do with it... I just found ways of seeing what notes are being played in the midi... what else can i do with it? (btw, i have fruity loops, but i put it in the general thread cause im not limiting this topic to just FL)
  16. wifi is really laggy/delayed for me... is this for everyone or should i start doubting my internet connection?
  17. i wanna brawl: 4682-8301-5765 edit: aim me
  18. i wanna play i wanna play!!! i'll be home in two hours lol
  19. speaking of tiers, captain falcon isnt THAT bad in brawl.... right?
  20. i love it man! i think you should keep the title of the song as "chrono's theme" just to piss everyone off... jk jk but yeah, i guess i agree with what most peeps are saying about the drums being confusing (i guess thats the word?) and too loud in my opinion, i'd like the melody instruments to stick out a little more. but yeah.. love it! and what did that one guy (forgot who) mean by saying "too low on source?" just wondering
  21. Sorry, I just stumbled across this thread... do you guys play online or something? cause i just got a wii with brawl and would love to play =) im a fan of 1v1 on non-eventful stages without items.. (i love animal crossing stage its so cute! lol) and i love peach, lucas, and jiggz and i dont know my friend code yet, but if you guys play online i'll find it out, if not do you guys meet up or something? O-o" sorry again for silly questions
  22. So.. I was thinking of making a remix to Sheena's theme from Tales of Symphonia cause I love it so much, and whenever I was thinking of the arrangement, I couldn't help but get naruto's theme stuck in my head too, and then I realized that the flute part in part of naruto's theme sounded really familiar to sheena's theme flute too... kinda, and was wondering if anyone else had noticed this..? sheena's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCrOa9BJciY Naruto theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIloiN6zDSw (it happens around :50 of this video) and speaking of two songs that sound similar, this made me laff and cry: (and no i dont mean to roll you guys)
  23. What do you mean experiment with a source? Ive always wanted to get my hands on a source file (preferably with the instruments already split for me) and just messing around with that, but i have no way of proceeding to doing that... and thanks a lot guys, i think i'm going to have to redo my methods a little bit.. any advice?
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