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  1. i was wondering when this would come up, i guess a quality source tune matters too! if i ever get a remix up i will do sirs
  2. Hey OCR, just wondering what people's most preferred/favorite music player is... personally, ive been using windows media player, and thus become accustomed to it to the extent that i now even enjoy using it, as embarrassing as it is to say... i know its kinda noob i like winamp too solely because of its chiptune capabilities, but other than that i cant stand it, especially when im trying to seek to the middle of a track
  3. the big boys around here are rough about musicality and all that, so i'd say this song is off to a great start, even if it did take you a while to compile (big assumption on my part) in any case, i think a big part missing is the mood of the song, when im listening to it, im not feeling the complete excitement that im expecting to hear, especially from a "TAKE THAT" sorta song... i dont know if you were going for a jumpy hard rock beat or a techno one, but i feel like you should choose one and stick to it, that way the mood can come in that much stronger... oh, and about the middle part being repetitive, i think adding some personalization or counter melodies would be great around there (solos or shtuff, sorry am not top notch in creativity myself) but otherwise i think what you have going so far is great and you should keep on working at it, im sure the people here in OCR are more than willing to keep working with you
  4. the standards for remixing this song is soooo high now because of this and death on the snowfield...
  5. Does anyone know how to make that bass guitar sliding sound on fl studio, i tried making an accumulation of quick notes together but it didnt sound quite right. kk thanks
  6. Great, I didn't really look into their own website haha... As for the specifications, it's more on making things sound good and with fuller sounds
  7. I know it's possible to play notes on your keyboard (like, computer keyboard), but is it possible to actually record what you're playing so that I don't have to go through every note trying to figure out what's what
  8. Hey, I was just wondering where a good place to find tutorials for fruity loops would be? I tried youtube, but a lot of them are repetitive, i'll keep looking though. thanks. also, are there FL tutorials on this site?
  9. I feel like i just saw a movie in its entirety, and i feel like it was the most epic movie ive ever seen, all through this song... it brings me to tears
  10. Hey, I was wondering what soundpacks are like the "cookie cutter" ones that most the remixers around here use... and also other ones for more jazz effects (like good sax samples etc), i know the answer is probably somewhere along the lines of the site but ive always been terrible at searching for these things. thanks a bunch
  11. Is there a thread, or a poll or a list somewhere of people's favorite OCRemix songs? or the most popular songs or something out there?
  12. Do people on OCR really do that? I never really thought of that, and in some cases i can see it as kinda awkward... but i think thats only cause i imagine a mariachi (or however you spell it) band in my house playing while my mom comes in saying "does your friends want to stay for dinner?!"
  13. Do you guys use piano sheets to hit the right notes? I just find it really difficult to be doing it by ear... or maybe mine are just not trained enough yet
  14. This project is probably one of the best ideas since Chrono Symphonic or whatever it was called! It better pull through to the finish
  15. I remember a year or so back, DJP revamped the archives of all the OCRemix songs, and I believe it was songs that the artist no longer wanted up, or songs that weren't up to new standards, or songs that were simply old were removed from the website... I remember there was this really awesome Tetris one that is no longer up and was wondering if it was possible to some how recover it because I'd love to hear it again =)
  16. Maybe this song is overrated or something, and I loved tyler's version of it, but this song is awesome and it should be like Chrono Trigger and have like 3 million remixes of it!!!
  17. It's been a long time since i heard a remix that I enjoyed so much... the overall quality of the piece was excellent, and I loved the choice elements for the different zelda tunes. excellent
  18. Hi, I'm a new user of a FL studio 7, and I'm finding it difficult already just trying to reproduce a song that sounds faintly familiar to its original. I was just wondering of others find it hard too or if I should just quit life as it is?
  19. This is a really enjoyable remix to the darkworld theme. But, besides the ending of course, I dont see how this is much different from the original, melody-wise. anyone wanna explain to me? (sorry, im definitely noob)
  20. Another amazing solo by klutz, this one just gives out so much emotion one cant help but love it.
  21. This remix is so relaxing! calm! wonderful!!!!! very highly recommended.
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