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  1. The beginning and parts of the ending are great, but it's mostly just "okay".
  2. I wish I got Mario Party back in the day .
  3. Silent Hill. It's a great game. I'm actually upset I lost both copies I purchased. I remember the second purchase well though - I was downtown with a cousin, and we roamed most of the major stores on foot. The day ended with me stopping at an Electronics Boutique in Pioneer Square, and coming across an unopened copy of Silent Hill. I got it, and kept staring at it through our meal at the bento joint.
  4. I remember this commercial vividly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB4Bfqrrw84 It amazes me at how different the game ended up playing out compared to my thoughts based on that commercial at the time.
  5. While i'm glad you enjoyed the experience, i'm thankful I never got into any MMORPGs. I have enough addiction issues with normal games .
  6. A pile of Mountain Dew cans, Cheeto bags and pizza boxes . Just kidding . I'll be sure to give it a try the next time I hook the Gamecube up.
  7. Off topic for a second: that game is a part of my Sonic Anniversary Collection for Gamecube. I've never played it though. Is it any fun?
  8. Speaking of lost treasure, my first Game Boy (the original gray brick) was stolen at the airport when I flew back to the U.S. as a kid.
  9. Other than Metal Gear Solid 2/4, are there any video games with non-Japanese ninja?
  10. Another strong memory of mine is watching Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time in the same cousin's basement I once played Mega Man 2 in. We were all blown away by the amazing graphics and spent at least two hours wandering around the Kokiri village, then Deku Tree.
  11. Taki from Soul Calibur? Grey Fox or Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series? The main character from Shinobi?
  12. This includes acrobatics, stealth, and for a few historically inaccurate games, combat prowess.
  13. Most Youtube videos i've watched have a generated embed code on the upper right part of the page, under the date the video was submitted. That's cool too - a strong memory by association (of gaming) is still a strong memory .
  14. I had to stop using it for music, because of the fact it wasn't as constant as my IDE drives .
  15. Basically, if I don't use my USB hard drive constantly, it tends to "power down" after ten or so minutes, then, when I access it (or delete something on my PC, not the drive itself), it takes a moment, whirs to life again, then works. The momentary pause can be annoying and in some cases, a real hindrance. Is there any way to keep the USB hard drive constantly "active" so this pause doesn't happen?
  16. The lonnnnnnnng lift ride complete with dramatic music and a seemingly never ending fight wasn't bad either .
  17. Just wait to see who they cast for Jet, Faye and/or Ed .
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