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  1. It reminds me of a certain GBA game's music I saw on a TV show once...
  2. I read the first post of this topic, but didn't see any mention as to the song's specific origin in game.
  3. Gaspolamitsumarishinkamasamayo! I should really find the power cable for my GBA...
  4. A Super Mario Brothers tune done 60's/70's style. Neat! I liked the piece for the most part, but it was a little rough in the recording. 8 out of 10. By the way, I recognize it vaguely from SMB3, but can't quite recall the source tune. Anyone know where it's from in game?
  5. I was wondering if someone could tell me why all the songs in the OC_Remix albums that have been released don't have a Review thread/section?
  6. Amazingly well done piece - it is so calming, it helps put me to sleep!
  7. This song takes me back to my island days and also doubles as a nice romantic track.
  8. Nice and relaxing. By the way, what kind of bubble brand do you think Samus uses?
  9. An amazing song - I feel as if i'm flying above clouds during midnight.
  10. GREAT stuff! For some reason though, I prefer the name "Subterranean Surfing".
  11. The song is great: it reminds me of a mid to late 90's black comedy show .
  12. Guilty Gear XX Reload: The Midnight Carnival Korean Version has a good soundtrack
  13. What a fun Zelda remix, and it both stays true to the original theme while expanding into new territory. I love it!
  14. So i'm not sure if it was mentioned in this thread already, but Halo 2 is confirmed for the PC. It will require Win Vista, but it will be out. Hopefully we can get a Halo 2 PC clan when it comes out
  15. I liked this remix, a good variation of a track from a game i like so much
  16. This song is great, one of the better Megaman 2 Remixes i've ever heard
  17. Got this one a little over 20 minutes ago, great work...i'd like to see similar from this author
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