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  1. Question: whenever something takes more than a few days to ship due to stock considerations (I am specifically looking at the 5-15 day option), is it just as reliable? Have you ever had to cancel an order that took more than two weeks to ship?
  2. Oh, I am interested in some rare soundtracks.
  3. And if so, would you recommend them to others?
  4. Sorry guys, I lost my internet connection during late Friday evening. I haven't forgotten!
  5. Good thing you didn't correct him .
  6. Well, the shop that was selling summer related products? The MP3 stereo behind the register was playing this little ditty. I didn't get to meet the owner, though.
  7. You know, you're walking down the street, and someone's playing a remix from their car, house, or you even hear it coming from a radio! Has this ever happened to anyone, and if so, did you strike up a conversation with the person?
  8. I haven't decided yet. PMs and IMs included, over fifty people have contacted me.
  9. I must admit, the choice has become very difficult to make .
  10. I will be paying for shipping. And this is not "first come, first serve" (a lot of people have responded). It'll be a little while before i'm ready to send it out.
  11. It's pretty good, and last time I checked, still going for about $19.99.
  12. I have an extra unopened (sealed) copy of the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. I'll have to do something with it. I'd rather give it away to someone that could use it (collection purposes, for listening, or whatever) and no one around here that I know of is a Final Fantasy or video game music fan. I'm willing to ship it anywhere in the continental United States. Why am I doing this? In the past, strangers on the internet showed me kindness by sending me stuff (a guy from the states sent me the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition disc for the Gamecube, and another guy in France sent me brass dice plus some canned Orangina). Anyways, please tell me why you think you deserve it.
  13. After further research, and identification from both Meteo Xavier and TehDonut it does indeed seem to be "OverWorld #2". Thank you both !
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi53igvbXiE At 3:43, there's a short piece played that I found out may actually be closer to "Pure Again", but this particular variation isn't coming up on any search engine.
  15. Also, some images now give me a "Drawing failed" when viewed with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, but appear fine in Paint/Microsoft Office Picture Viewier/IrFanView. I do prefer the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer for it's speed and ease of use though. Any suggestions on how to fix either of these problems? If it helps, the total folder size is 3.68 GB large, with 5,742 images total.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFkkOXvtfNw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNVYKsdDqw0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhpeLGLoVSA X-Men: Children of the Atom
  17. I saw this two days ago, and since then, my hope for a good Half Life 2 movie has been rekindled . Oh, and obviously the asian guy wasn't Freeman just because he used a crowbar. Think a little.
  18. Come to think of it, are the new versions of Link's Awakening worth buying?
  19. Mr Azar

    Metal Slug

    No controller lag on this end, and i'm playing on a PS3.
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