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  1. I think I may have posted about this a while ago, and I was having a problem with the front headphone/line-out jack on my computer. When I move anything around on the screen, be it windows, or the mouse, or minimizing things or whatever, I get a buzzing sound in my headphones. I'd resolved the problem by getting an extension cord and using the rear output jack instead, since the auxiliary jacks are "usually crap" as one of you put it. Well I return now because the same problem has become apparent in the rear jack as well. I hear buzzes when stuff moves around on the screen, and faint beeping when the little LED on my wifi adaptor flashes. I tried switching back to the front jack to see if maybe that one fixed itself, but that one is quite an amount worse. I've been digging around online and some guy replied to some other guy with the same problem: Okay. I muted every input and output setting, and I can still hear these horrible horrible staticky things. There is nothing plugged into the other audio in/out jacks. If what this quoted guy says is true, then that would mean that there is some kind of noise moving around between circuits or whatever inside my computer, and I honestly have no idea what I could do about that, if anything. I don't want to try updating drivers or anything like that yet because more often than not I end up making things worse when I do that.My sound card is an on-board Realtek AC97, which lies in an Asus P5N32 SLI motherboard. If it is of any consequence, I have just recently replaced my power supply because the old one kept blowing fuses and basically became worthless. I do not think this is relevant, though. I have also read that this problem goes away if I get a new audio card (ie, not use the on-board one). If this is the case, would any of you be able to suggest an audio card that has at least 4 inputs for recording? I've been meaning to upgrade my computer for audio editing, and this may be the thing that makes me finally do it. If I get a new card and it still makes noise, I will be very sad. If I do not resolve this soon, I will come to each of your houses with a nerf gun and put suction cup darts all over your car windshields until you fix my computer or buy me a new one.
  2. but then i realized it was an OCRemix and i wtf'd Final Fantasy 6 TheAtomizer was the track name or something it sounds like the stuff i make kind of except it hurts more to listen to though it doesn't quite have as many explosions as my tracks do
  3. i could have installed XP64, but i didn't think many programs were supporting it. GOD DAMMIT GET OFF MY SCREEN, FLY. shit what was i saying right, i heard there were problems with xp64bit not being able to run a lot of programs that would otherwise run fine in 32-bit xp. what is the advantage to having a 64-bit OS at this point in time? or even in the very near future?
  4. I am looking for the best way to get a clean signal from my guitar amp to my computer. Unfortunately, the only method of output (other than its own speaker) is a headphone out. Would it be ill-advised to plug an adaptor from the headphone jack to the line-in on my computer? Also, while I am inquiring about audio, is there any kind of software that can increase the sensitivity of the mic on my computer? When I use the same mic on my win2000 machine, it picks up a lot more sound than when plugged into either of the XP computers I have used it on. I have "microphone boost" checked, and the recording volume is all the way up. This confuses me. On all machines, the sound card was integrated with the mobo, though I don't remember the specifics of each. Could purchasing a separate sound card possibly fix this issue? Thankies ^___^
  5. maybe the next model will have a cheeto dispenser and a chair inside
  6. The memtest came up error-free, so the only thing I can attribute to this recurring error is bitcomet. What to do :[
  7. That is where you are wrong, my wormy friend! I have contact info for most of the unmod regulars, and we are still alive and, sadly, in need of a new home. The main gripe I have with .org is the ultramod status that resides there. Basically, if whoever is a mod at the time doesn't like what you post, it's gone. What we're looking to do is provide a place for the unmod guys and girls that still want to do what they used to do and have fun. Of course, it won't be the same, but if it works the way I expect, the sense of community will remain intact.
  8. *giggle*Notice how I am not calling you gay, though. There really wasn't much illegal stuff at all in unmod, save for the occasional linked mp3 or torrent. Posting pictures of penises may be objectionable to many, but it isn't illegal (unless you're underage). Regardless, the amount of that type of content had actually been dwindling in unmod's final months of existence. Those that think that Unmod was just a bunch of shitcockery and devoid of intellectual conversation are sadly mistaken, and, as Coop pointed out, probably didn't spend enough time there to find out what it was all about. I definitely got that feeling as well. Pixietricks' comment about fading away etc. really brought the feeling to a boil, though. So I threw some pasta in the pot and had a delicious meal. I don't hold anything against the mods unless they do something to warrant my displeasure, and PT's post was really the only one to do that in a very long time. *sigh* enough ranting. Also see this post I made. e-dit: wow, i hadn't seen those "deleting unmod" pics. it makes me sad in my soul-chan.
  9. Exasperating! o__q In all seriousness, I think it would be pretty cool. Whatever the case though, let it be known that the ICFC and I are working on a non-.org option to create a new home for Unmodders in the case of offtop is terrible.
  10. as i said, i haven't had the two beep problem in months, though, so that would be irrelevant. and i seem to have narrowed the restart errors down to bitcomet. i left the machine on last night while downloading torrents, and i woke up to a black screen that would not come back to life. then, when i restarted, i couldn't click my profile from the initial windows screen. a second restart brought it back to normal, but i had to re-initialize photoshop again. what a pizzain in the bizzutt. also i don't know exactly how to use that memtest program, despite reading the documentationisms. how exactly does it work, and can i boot it from a cd instead of a floppy, which i do not have?
  11. wow dude those are cute ^_______________^ *jealous's*
  12. dude i saw a guy at work today that looks like a 40 year old version of you. it was weird. i saw an "old JM" too. I think my place of residence is where old unmodder lookalikes come to retire.
  13. Happy 2007 and welcome to a album! Kupi and I have finally finalized our final finished product. The hype machine is set to OBLITERATE WATCH YOUR STEP CLICK THIS FOR TO BE AMAZED
  14. I remember it beeping twice upon startup after an error a while ago, but otherwise no. It usually starts up fine after the system errors. The only change is in some programs that claim that my "system configuration" has changed after the error, so they need to be re-activated with the serial number. Which is annoying.
  15. Yeah, I got rid of ZA and am using Windows Firewall and a reinstalled Norton. I'd try the antivirus software you suggested, but symantec hasn't caused any problems for my system prior to this, and I don't think it was the cause of this problem. I don't want to risk letting any other issues arise by experimenting with new antivirus stuff at least until I get this figured out. Anyway, I got a different BSoD this time, which is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL I did a quick search, and a few existing threads talked about it being a possible overheating or RAM problem. Again, my system is running at a decent temperature as far as I know, but then I noticed that these system errors only seem to occur when I've got Bittorrent open and downloading things. This leads me to believe that Bittorrent is doing things in memory that it should not be doing. At the time of this last crash, I also had Photoshop open, so it was probably using a decent amount of RAM. One of the threads suggested http://www.memtest86.com/ to check the memory for problems, so I'll probably do that tomorrow and see what it comes up with. I think my ram just doesn't like bittorrent.
  16. Okay, I am back :[ The bluescreen showed up as soon as I started my computer this time. Well, within 5 minutes. "An attempt was made to write to read-only memory." The error message traced the problem to vsdatant.sys, which is a component of ZoneAlarm. I usually turn this off because it has been causing other non-system-crashing errors before, but I haven't uninstalled it for some reason. I'm about to do that now, as soon as my file backup dvd finishes burning (just in case). I got the numbers from the BSoD, as well as the error signature once I restarted. I can post those numbers if anyone thinks they can help me with it, but since it says it's narrowed the problem down to a file, I'll try uninstalling ZA first and see if that takes care of things for now. edit 1: ...okay I uninstalled ZA, but now my Symantec antivirus "can't find the scan engine". Something fucked up my antivirus, which leads me to believe that something else is also causing a problem. What to do? edit 2: uninstalled, then reinstalled antivirus software. seems to be running okay now. I'll post if I get the restart errors again. Thanks for the help, guys.
  17. It happened a few times the week I got the computer, then it went a few months without any serious issues. They have come back now apparently, though I haven't again seen the "no screen" problem yet. Thanks Smoke, I changed that setting. I guess we'll see what happens next time.
  18. Hey, I'd love to have more specifics too! I checked out Plumber's link (that sounds like a joint problem...) and found none of the files that microsoft suggests might be a problem. I'm running adaware and spybot to see if those pull anything. Symantec caught nothing as usual. It may be some hardware problem as several of you are suggesting :[ edit: and now it is telling me that my wifi connection is gone, but IT IS NOT TRUE BECAUSE I AM POSTING ON THE INTERNET unless it is MAGICAL INTERNET DUN DUN DUN seriously there is some shit going on in this computer and i want to figure it out >:[
  19. Well this machine is only about 6 months old, but I was having some video card issues a few months back. Or at least I'm pretty sure it was the video card. Sometimes I would just stop getting video output to the monitor, but things like music continued to play. No video-intensive applications were running then either. At that point I would have to restart it, but I don't remember it ever restarting itself before now. All of the temperatures seem reasonable, although the cpu temp monitor has always been a bit off, telling me that it's running at 11ºc. Windows doesn't seem to like telling me what is wrong when things like this happen :\ I tried looking at the error dump files or whatever, but it's all gibberish to me.
  20. Last night I awoke to find that my computer had restarted itself, and recovered from a "serious error." I was downloading a torrent, but I think that's the only thing that was running at the time. It restarted itself again just now, after I printed an image in photoshop. Same "serious error recovery" message. I'm running a virus scan, but no previous virus scans have caught anything. I know this is all rather vague information, but I have nothing to go by to find the problem. Any ideas of where to start? Thanks.
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