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  1. the 1st and 2nd part wouldnt need anything too fancy to link them really. you could just throw in a big cymbal roll in between them and it would make it like a dramatic segue into the slower 2nd section. i'm sure you could get creative with it . as for the 2nd to 3rd part, you should have a cool transition there and some kinda modulation because i think they're in different keys. it's do-able.
  2. thanks for the kind words. yeah this is just the first part so i'm gonna spice it up more as i go along. any other comments anyone?
  3. chrono26

    Nintendo Wii

    true that. you can use a credit/debit card though
  4. yeah, will break and triple slice or somthing like that. those attacks sucked, but i beat him on my first try lol. barely though. he only had like 2 elements so it was easy enough for me to get the field balck and wail on him. and i beat ultima weapon from ff8 on my first try so i thought omega weapon would be a piece of cake...not quite
  5. spider guardian in metroid prime 2. and miguel
  6. wow this is pretty cool. i havnt heard the original, so i'm not sure how it compares, but this is good stuff here. the samples sound great too. seems like you're off to a good start.
  7. ummm any comments would be well appreciated. thank you
  8. yeah mike tyson was a bitch in punch out. and of course omega weapon, to a certain extent. then every level in f-zero GX was like a boss battle...
  9. hey guys i figured i might as well post this. this is my rendition of speed highway at dawn from sonic adventure. its a lil bit jazzy, a lil bit dancey(i made up that one) and its groovin'. thats me playin live keyboard on the keys, synth and vibes. i still have a ways to go, but what do you guys think so far? http://myspace.com/rotibeatz its the one that says sonic wip
  10. check my new mix and please comment. its in the wip section
  11. the uncanny x-men for NES. all the charecters looked like blocks and all they did was shoot colored stuff at the enemies(even wolverine, whose powers are in no way a projectile). but still its fun to play eventhough every level is basically the same. good music too.
  12. maybe even more! SSBM had twice as many charecters as SSB
  13. correct you are, its not finished. i just needed to show something that i'm working on. thanks for the input
  14. Hey guys, i'm tryin to hop on the band wagon if its not too late, so here's a wip of a mix that i'm doing www.myspace.com/rotibeatz it's the one that says "sonic wip" and its an arrangement of speed highway at dawn from sonic adventure. i'm playing live keys on the synth, e-piano and vibes. you can check some of the other stuff i guess if you want, but thats the only remix i have up there. if you guys wanna hear more then let me know. thanks.
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