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  1. I love this remix. I love it to death. I especially love the double-instruments starting at 2:15 and ending really nicely at 2:28. I also like the segment at 3:05, and the transition to Yoshi Themes at 3:40 and 4:23. I hope to see Dr.Fruitcake's work later on at OC.
  2. I too love the beginning intro to Halo. This song proved more bombastic and orchestral than other Halo remixes of the same type... Not mentioning any names... It's a nice break from a Techno-Ridden OC.
  3. This song remind me of Super Mario 64 a bit. Especially the part at 1:50. The guitar playing has a very nice sound to it. This could be called the best song on OC. But it depends on your personal tastes. For me, it's just a really good song deserving a 10, but the melodious parts want me to take off a half a point or so... 9.8/10 fireballs.
  4. For me, this song brings back days from the N64 era. I was playing Donkey Kong 64 and heard the sad but melodious tunes of the levels. This song seems sad, melodious and deserving of a cavern level, but halfway through it takes you through a experience that makes you think "Wow. It was wrong of me to underestimate the song". This song may be the best I've heard. But not the best on OC. I'm not going to name names. 9.5/10 fireballs.
  5. Go backwards in time 10 days before this post. I was playing Super Mario 64 on my emulator and heard the original song in the Bowser Room #1. Go forward 3 days after that, and this song still has what it takes. My foot always taps without fail when this song is playing, and even a little head nodding is in order too. The main track sounds like a mix between chanting and bass, with a little bit of electric guitar. This definitely gets a 10 out of 10 fireballs.
  6. Well, I say this song already has enough oomph, it's just that something is overpowering the main saria tune. I can't put my finger on what, maybe it's many little things. Anyways, this is a good song overall, it's in my playlist for good.
  7. This mix has a more... upbeat tune than most songs based on Terra. I don't care if the baseline is completely messed, or perfect, the beat and the nice tune is defenetly a good thing for me.
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