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  1. I didn't download this at first because it said it had vocals and I normally hate them in vg remixes but it was done really well. One of the best remixes of the Gerudo tune. Well done dudes.
  2. Excellent! Another great Zelda remix to add to my collection. Congrats dude! Keep up the good work!
  3. Loved it! The only problem I really had was that sometimes SFX seem to get in the way of the music but not enough for it to be bad. Great mix dude!
  4. I HATE Marble Zone and the music but I LOVED this mix. You did it a hell of a lot of credit man. Well done!
  5. Good stuff dude! All the parts of the original I like are in there and sound great!
  6. sux2bu. Super Metroid STILL holds its own in EVERY aspect...gameplay, music, and surprisingly enough graphics. There's something about well-executed, colorful sprites that will never be beaten. Of course, for something similar and almost as good, Metroid Zero Mission for GBA is very very worth it. Yeah, I'm going to pick Zero Mission up in a couple of months (I have MP2 soon). What I'd really love is for them to release a gba double game cartridge with Super Metroid and Metroid 2 (only with colour). I think there is a market for it. I'd grab it straight away.
  7. Awesome stuff! Well done dude. As someone who has never played much into the game (never owned a SNES and I hate emulators), I can't relate to where it comes from. Anyhooo it's cool.
  8. Awesome dude! Well done! The only personal thing is I didn't think the sounds of Link jumping were necessary.
  9. Hey cool! Another FF remix! I don't think there are enough of those!
  10. I was just thinking how good it would be if someone made another Final Fantasy based remix.
  11. Personally I didn't like it. Nothing against you or your musical style, just my own tastes. I always hated the Forest Temple and the music that went with it. So I found it an odd choice all around. At the same time good effort, it looks like plenty of people enjoyed it!
  13. Congratulations guys, bloody excellent stuff. Glad you made it happen. I have been pretty much listening over and over again.
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