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  1. I am really biased towards liking anything Touhou related, but this is one of my favorite OCRemixes to come out in a long time. If I had to guess, I've probably listened to about...oh, maybe 1500-2000 different Touhou songs in my life, but this has a pretty unique sound for one. It really does have that Elfman type sound. I can just see machinery smashing around and stuff. What I like is that although the sound isn't like a Touhou song, the theme is still clearly recognizable. Excellent work. We really do need more Touhou remixes. By the way, have you all heard about the Touhou anime that is s
  2. Touhou music rocks! I have like 10 gigs of Touhou music downloaded. MstrSwrd is right about there being more Touhou remixes than all the remixes on this site. I saw a complete collection that was about half a terabyte! Anyways, Touhou music is awesome, and I am surprised more Touhou mixes haven't made their way to this site.
  3. That is a great remix. For some reason though I cant tell what the original song is, even though FFVIII was my favorite FF...Oh well its really good whatever the original song was. Keep up the good work.
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