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  1. http://www.lost.eu/1406b All the fun of viral crap, pyramid schemes, and social networking in one. GO DO IT
  2. So, in the highly likely event I don't make it to MAGFest in time for the actual OCR meetup, what do I do to meet OCR people? I've never been to one of these before, do they tend to walk around in a big group? Or do I have to go and track people down? Damn school and 4-hour driving times
  3. Map I live near the middle of the "S" in Hicks. EDIT: On second thought, I won't embed hueg image into the post.
  4. Repeating myself because pixie is a meany and didn't add me to the list fivre r going but need room kthx
  5. fivre will be attending. I don't care where the hell I sleep, so long as it's low-cost.
  6. Yay for a finished Mute Fusion. Now we just need a finished Magnet Man.
  7. Everything listed there except for DSoP was freakishly awesome. Does this imply that CS will be... Not freakishly awesome?
  8. I hate dialup without a mirror stream ...
  9. Damnit... Larry finally comes back ater I deleted realAlternative. Then again, the *.ram stream doesn't really work for dialup... Compy (or some other person of geat bandwidth) please get some sort of mirror up
  10. The radio drama probably would have been a lot better if it hadn't been at about 1 am, right after an 80 or so minute interview section. And while the idea itself was funny, the voice was kinda... Off. Especially at 32 kb/s with $10 headphones. On further contemplation, let's just have Larry's leg get humped by a slime.
  11. Never, ever play that Dragon Warrior Radio Drama again. So, when did the show actually end?
  12. My fly URL does too exist! www.fivisnow.tk There just happens to be nothing worth seeing. Oh, and the hosting sucks. You know it's hot.
  13. Anyone know what the bitrate of this is? I'm on dialup
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