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  1. There are a I lot of remixes I wanna make... two or three of them are from U.N. SQUADRON... Unhappyly real life is taking me all the time I have, but as soon as my house and studio are fihished, I'll pay all my more than 10 years debits with OCR Remix...
  2. It was a really good remix. It seems to have different influences throught each part of the mix. I nice job from Joren de Bruin and Brian Arnold. Keep it up, dudes!
  3. Reuben Kee goes... but his art stay with us. We'll see you in the other side. All the peace in the world to his family.
  4. "Flashback" movie... it really would be nice! It's "too bad" that making a movie costs "lots" of money...
  5. Very good remix. It sounds just like it should be in a modern "remake" version of the game, like the upgrade of changing an 8 bits card for a 32 bits (or more), soundscape or roland sound card in old PC games. Good times were those whem I played Delphine Software Games("flashback", "another world" or "out of this world", and "heart of the alien").
  6. I never heard the original gb music, but I liked the mix. Delay and reverb effects makes my taste so much. That´s really very cool! The second part sounds like some kind of "new age" music. Surely. it´s a good thing to hear... at least to me.
  7. Hi DJP, I liked the arrangements. I always like remixes that seems to fit themselves on the original game atmosphere. It´s a hit. Good to see you back to the origins. Also, is good to know that things are going right to the OCR. Keep it up!
  8. I've played this game. The remixer work was very good. Surely, the "hyperspace" song is the best of the game. Really Cool!!! Keep it up!
  9. The remixer caught the atmosphere of the game and made a remix that fits perfectly to the game action. Well arranged. Effects used wisely. My special point goes to the guittars. Quick rhythm in the right parts... Really good stuff here. If you din't hear it yet, it's time. Satisfaction guarantee! Approved by a "Shadow of the Ninja in NES time player". I wanna see more of this guy. Keep it up, man!
  10. No much to say...when we´re talking about art. I´m sure that this remix have a "feelling" of art. So, it´s a good job. A very good one. Just make some more of it... Bad News - No. Not this time... Good News - Yes... Just hear it... surely a good piano remix of the FF7 main world theme...
  11. Good News An "A" Class remix... Bad News The instruments "mixing volume" is not so good. The beating is too loud. I guess you can take the piano and the flute little more to the fore, by taking down the beating volume. That´s all.
  12. Wow! As an acoustic guittar player, I´m suspect to say, c´os I like acoustic music versions, of course!!! Good News!!! Very beautiful acoustic version. Very impressive! A good one, and a "need to hear" remix, mainly for Chrono Trigger Fans. The musician shows a lot of sensibility, a great shot. Bad News Fist thing to say, it´s the mix is "very", VERY good. These badies are just for "perfectionism". I think the "instruments volume mixing" can be made better, and, as the musican seems not to be a drummer, the same goes to the percussion arrangment. But maybe it´s just a question of taste, as I always say... But the beginning was very, very nice. At all... I hope some day guys like you make, soon, part of the game music industry. You have talent... A great remix.
  13. Yes. A good Remix. Good News Fine chemical inside this one. Creativity. Good sense on changing. The guy really knows how to use the effects wisely. The rythm and the beating got the atmosphere of the action game. Good job man! You surely made happy a lot of megaman 3 fans, also you! Hehehe! Bad News I liked the mix. No bad news!
  14. These guys don't know nothing about music. This is one of my favorites. It's fantastic. Good news! The guittar strings sounds very real. I guess it was made with a real acoustic guittar. If the intention was make the music sounds "real", you got it. Amazing! The arrangement (mainly the little beat on the guittar) is great. An OCR Grammy for sure.It's not a question of taste. There was criativity, feeling and sensibility on making the new arrangement. Sounds really beautiful. Bad News! I can't belive that some guys didn´t like this mix...
  15. Very good time. Very good game. A nice Remix. The Good News I liked this one. Good remake of the original, with better instruments, of course. A good job. If you have played the game, you´ll like it for sure. The Bad News The beginning was great, but I think the changing to the secont part was a break down with the music's atmosphere. I guess it would be a lot better, if the remixer used tribal instruments and percussion, and not modern drums and crash plates. But, anyway, it was a good shot... I recommend.
  16. Well... there's no doubt that this mix is one of the best. If you don't heard it, don't lose the chance. The Good News The mix is a HIT. No more to say... The Bad News Why SMS coldn´t play this at that time... heheheh!!!
  17. A Good Job. That´s what I say. The Good News Very good arrangement. Nice pool of instrument's. The first piano part I liked very much. The changing to the flute and soft beating was great: it shows a fine musical sense, and sensibility. You have a future on the thing... The Bad News It´s sad to know that you have done only this lonely mix. Tell me whem you make one more nice mix. I´ll be glad to hear it.
  18. Ok. This is my first post here. So you guys take it easy about my english. Let´s directly to the core of the thing. The Bad Side I didn´t like the beating so much. To me, if the first part of the music (00:00 to 00:50) was cutted, the mix would be better. And, of course, the same goes to the rest of music where the same is found. But, as our friend drk-mega said here, maybe it's just a question of pesonal taste. The Good Side To me, second part shows a lot of musical sensibility, mainly the flutes,keyboards, strings (seems to be played with a real intrument) and the piano. In a few words: A good mix, but far away from the best that DJP have done and will do.
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