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  1. Actually, Walrein and his lesser evolutions premiered in Ruby/Sapphire for the GBA. Not all those exclusives on that serebii page are new.
  2. Im not trying to attack you, just those fools Tigole and Furor. but after patch 1.11, where Blizzard CMs (the European ones of course, Eyonix is a worthless piece of trash who took an insult from a single forum troll as an excuse to communicate with us even less) said that the developers never got our mountains of feedback and suggestions, and we recieved a buff to elemental, a nerf to enhancement, a small buff to resto, and zilch for our totems, while watching druids get their innervate made trainable while our inferior mana tide remained at 31 points got me pissed. then eyonix said that they weren't really done with us and that there would be more coming in 1.12. more meaning the nerf to WF totem because horde raiding and shaman PvE is so awesome and way too powerful. the only reason that this nerf didn't survive was the massive outcry from horde and alliance who saw the existing imbalance being made even worse. so after our review, shaman and horde issues were not addressed at all. so what does blizzard do? fix the raid imbalance by giving horde paladins, and completly screw over every raiding shaman in the process. the only thing we're good for is bringing 1 or maybe 2 along to soak up loot and drop WF totem for the melee groups. gg cmon...thats not true....i rolled a shaman as my first char and he was pretty decent..joined zircons guild and all and he raided without many problems i think having pallys alog with shammys will be a pretty good thing...not unbalanced...sure some spots will have to be givn to the newcomers..but hey i think it will be a new experience that will be quite enjoyable....blizz won't let us down...wow is the friken best MMO ever...stop dumping on blizz...sure they make mistakes and screw up sometimes...but they fix most of their mistakes relatively quickly...i'm sure they'll make it work name something unique that a shaman brings to the raid. name something that makes a shaman a better choice for a raid slot over a paladin. bliz has screwed shaman over 3 times in a row now, and show no intention of slowing down. shamans have their totems...and thats a LOT..imagine...nefa or rag fight with not only FR totem helping but also fire res aura...that would help a lot...shamans and pallys will make good combos, also this will only come up in the expansion ALONG with major class changes for ALL the classes...after this great series of change..i'm sure the results will please us all Resistance spells(whether aura, buff, or totem) do not stack with each other. For instance, a paladin's shadow resist aura and a priest's shadow protection spell do not stack. Gear is the only resist that will stack with spells.
  3. I'm personally more worried about the shaman class(ironic, since I play mostly on the Alliance). Take raiding for example. Why take a resto shammy when you can have Holy pallies now?
  4. rofl source plz k thx that would NOT fit the story to have palys on horde http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/burningcrusade/townhall/classcombo.html Blizzard's oh-so flexible, ever-changing BC lore, is as adaptable as ever!
  5. This was such wonderful news to wake up to today /sarcasm I'm really not relishing the fact that I'll have to face Paladins on the horde now. Wonderful. Getting Shaman on the alliance is decent at best. We just lost one of our best BG resources. Plus, I haven't even mentioned the lore, which has both doomed the BE's as an evil race and made me feel like the story has no authenticity to it anymore. Bahh...
  6. Caydiem was an idiot who only cared for the druid class. Never did anything for paladins or anyone else. The reason she "quit" being a CM was because she was promoted. And shaman are hardly getting nerfed, in fact they're supposed to get the rest of their incomplete review(Bloodfury is being added again somewhere down the line) from 1.11(I think it's 1.13, because 1.12 is focusing on fixing the PvP system).
  7. I definitely know that the Draenei HoT scales as you level(it's about as potent as Regrowth or Renew according to Blizz). Also, Inspiring Presence changes depending on what class you are(1% physical hit with warriors, I believe). Not sure about Blood Elf's racials scaling, but you can suck out other types of "energy" other than mana and convert it to your own type(i.e. Rage to mana, mana to energy, etc.). Not to mention the 2 sec. AoE silence. Since I've just started a horde character, I may give a BE Warlock a whirl when BC launches.
  8. Just respecced Holy(which I love) and was halfway through the "new" Scholo when Blizz announces that it's going to shut the server down... hooray...
  9. Oh, sorry. Was early in the morning and I guess I missed the humor. Realms are still down... boo. Although, I suppose it's better that we're able to disenchant cloth this time around before activating the servers. lol
  10. Actually, the next tier after AQ40 should be Naxxramas(coming in 1.11, I believe) Fortunately, Blizzard said that they're done with 40-mans for a while after this next one(thank goodness). If you've noticed, all the high-level Burning Crusade instances previewed so far have been 5-10 man, which is very good news indeed. Even Naxx is rumored to have 5,10, or 20 man portions to it as well.
  11. So, I guess today is the long-anticipated(at least for me) patch 1.10. I personally can't wait to see how my priest plays when specced Holy/Disc. I'm also very interested in the ".5" epics(why they're called that is beyond me.They're more viable for PvP than most of the MC sets imho). It's good to see Blizz is finally taking notice of the non-raiders.
  12. What Blizzard did to Paladins was unforgivable to be sure. I loved it when Caydiem said(not in so many words) that Paladins were just priests in plate. She's such an idiot. There is still nothing stopping someone from walking away from a paladin in PvP.
  13. Yeah, they look pretty awesome. I'm absolutely loving the Holy tree right now. Now I'm waiting for them to release all the details on the revamped dungeons and the "casual"(I hate that word) epic sets. I'm not really into raiding, so 1.10 is looking to be my favorite patch. 1.11 may come close because I have a 60 mage as well. I think Tseric will do the mage class justice.
  14. So, what does everyone think of the new priest talents? I personally can't wait to respec Holy again. Seems the priest class is finally going to be the master healing class(never liked Disc tree. Too PvEish for my taste).
  15. Yeah, that's why I never got into raiding. I personally hate PvE(for the most part, anyway) and with all the 40-mans out there, all I see my friends do is spend their time in instances. Sure, you get nice equipment, but you practically lose your soul. That's why I can't wait for 1.10. I don't mind doing smaller instances/quests to get gear. It's about time Blizz catered to the solo or non-raiding gamers.
  16. I hear ya there. I've had a 60 Mage and Priest without epic gear for a very long time because I didn't have the time/schedule to do MC/BWL/etc(and I'm really not very interested in 40-mans anyway). This is the best news I've heard in a long while.
  17. No, but the test realms are. You can't copy characters yet, but you can still see the new talents if you level to 10 on a pally. Things rarely change much between test realm and the patch(at least with druids, anyway). The new talents seem more like a joke than anything else. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/board.aspx?fn=wow-paladin&pageno=1
  18. Still not sure what I think about the paladins changes. Seems more like nerfs than anything else... Sure, the new Holy Shock is nice, but why is BoK still 31 Ret? Ugh... What does everyone else think about the "new" Pally. Everyone on the WoW forums is going nuts(in a bad way)
  19. Finally! A Golden Sun mix! This is my favorite song of the two games and to see it on Remix has really made my day! Excellent remix. Thank you so much!
  20. This is a very beautiful song. Took me a bit to recognize the song, but it's very moving.
  21. Yanno... I was getting kind of bored of the Zeal theme until this mix came along. Not bad at all.
  22. When I read that this mix was submitted by THE Jeremy Soule there was nothing stopping me from downloading it. I wasn't disappointed, either. I've really enjoyed all of his previous music, and this was no exceptions. Thank you Mr. Soule, for this delightful remix.
  23. Not bad... I was a little skeptical when I saw a GCN remix, but it turned out to be good.
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