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  1. Doing a bit of catch up on Remixes, so I just recently came across this. I'm just blown away. The first time I heard it amid a batch of newly downloaded mixes, I just stopped working and sat and listened. It was just...mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! EDIT: Also, I concur in full with Dubanubiel above.
  2. I'm really enjoying the album. Listening to "Majora's Wrath" makes me extremely uncomfortable. It's like I want to scream at the flute player. "Look up for God's sake! Can you not see it??" Then it occurred to me on my second listen that it sounds more like the flute player is the skull kid bringing the moon down with the music. It's been so long since I played the game, I can't remember exactly what happens. Regardless, awesome work!
  3. *reads this thread while listening to Time's End* More music from amazing artists? It's like I'm having my own Christmas party at work today! Thanks so much!
  4. Game Trailers has produced a great set of interviews with the composers who worked on Mass Effect. The second episode, covering Mass Effect 2, features none other than Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles). These are really insightful interviews and highlight the fantastic work done by each of the composers involved. Congratulations once again to BGC for his amazing contributions to the great game series. Episode 1 - Mass Effect http://www.gametrailers.com/video/composing-mass-backtrack/728925 Episode 2 - Mass Effect 2 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/composing-mass-backtrack/729084 Episode 3 - Mass Effect 3 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/composing-mass-backtrack/729187
  5. Wow, another excellent album. I love the concept, and the music really delivers what I'd expect given the title. What I didn't expect was Mazedude's Saren remix. It was probably a minute into the track before I "got it". From there on I was just blown away. Bravo and thanks to all the artists! Oh, and kudos to Sixto for that cut of dialog from the original TMNT movie. That took me back some years.
  6. Cheers man. I appreciate it!

  7. Just a fan wanting to say thanks for creating bioluminescence. Love it.

  8. I threw this into a playlist at work along with a bunch of newly downloaded remixes and hit play. It was a few days before I really caught on to this mix. It ended and jumped to the next track and I thought to myself, "what was that? That was sweet." I stopped what I was doing and really concentrated on the music. Wow, what a beautiful piece!
  9. I love Stemage. Yes, I have a T-Shirt. EDIT: 2 weeks later and I still love it when this mix comes up in the playlist. Just experiencing this piece makes me think I won't be happy if I don't learn to play the guitar someday.
  10. ...Badass. The whole thing is just great. The build up to 1:10 is perfect, and once it kicks in I just have to close my eyes and soak it up. I can certainly hear the influence of the intro track for Relics of the Chozo, but honestly I think BGC has taken that to a whole new level.
  11. This was totally unexpected and so much fun. I've been blaring the album through my headphones all day and this track always puts a smile on my face. I can't help but think back to fun times roleplaying in Neverwinter Nights with my sailor mercenary band. Flawless victory.
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