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  1. Yeah, this is a really good Sonic Remix. Though I can't decide if this one is better than the Final Zone Theme done by Mustin on the OneUpMushrooms website.
  2. Yes, I have to agree. The source of the song is A work. The way the two songs mix together are nice. I too would love to see it performed with a live band. This mix can go places if the author chooses to take it there.
  3. hey! that is what I though about this song! It is a good mix.. but at least one could have sent it through fruity loops and added some better sounds to it. Maybe a resubmit?
  4. wow! Rayza always blows my mind away! I just love how you didn't screw the actual song up, like sadly many do. Now I am going to go play Columns.
  5. I have to say, it is really good. The only thing I don't really like is the theme in the begining and at the end. The piano solo needs to be longer. I do love 2:38 to 2:52.. this->needs to be longer!
  6. I do think that the remix is very creative. It does show effort. Though, I don't really enjoy the style of this song in gerneral. I need that corky sound that flows well in the car. Oh well what do I know? Good job.
  7. There is a lot offered here, especially in the center when the part of the main theme kicks in. Great Work!
  8. You know how some songs just sounds like the original with a few extra beats, this is not one of them. This is one of those songs that makes you look long and hard at your life. Well maybe just for me anyway. This remix expands the original Marble Zone theme to a new level takes it beyond. At this point, the song has already been played twenty times in my ears. I strongly recommend this one!
  9. I've never played the game before, and I judged the the song by the lame picture so I wasn't planning to download. Opps. This is a really good song for those of you who love Techno. Also visit Rayza's website for a Sonic the Hedgehog Remix that isn't on this website, that is also really good!
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